Josephine - University of Economics, Prague

B. Business Management
Semester 1, 2017

Academic experience

Going into my last semester, my subjects had to be spot on UQ equivalent - I had no electives to mess around with. I was able to just manage and selected a few before I set off. However, the VSE set up is quite different and a little messed up. There are certain periods of time where you can swap and then you can't but then you can drop or add again. If you are unsure, I cannot stress enough to get in contact with someone who has been through this, it means you won't miss out on certain opportunities. When I say this, I mean the intensive courses! DO THEM! they can be over within 3-5 days and you never have to think about them again! I did an intensive that went for 3 days, where we just sat and listened to him talk. On the final day we did 2 group presentations and an exam - sounds like a lot but it was ridiculously easy. Multiple choice and you speak for about 2 minutes max on each presentation.

Personal experience

The buddy system is where I made my Czech friends. They are so fun and always ready to help out if you need. I mostly hung out with other exchange people from the dorms. Since everyone is pretty much in the same boat (rocking up and not knowing anyone), everyone is a lot more talkative and so it's pretty easy to make friends. I'm travelling around Europe now and it's so brilliant to be like oh I'm in this country - let me go and hang out with that person.


LIVE IN THE DORMS (JAROV F!!!) I can not stress this enough! Everyone hangs out in dorms and heads out and makes plans there! it is so much easier to also make friends. The place is pretty basic but it is such a hassle living off-campus. We had 2 mates who didn't live in the dorms and they had to travel constantly to the dorms just to hang.


As expected beer is cheap. Don't get ripped off and pay like 70 crowns for a beer - more like 30 or 40 crowns. Food - all depends on where you go to eat. There is this amazing place Vietnamese sandwich place across from uni - so good! If you're on a budget, eat in the cafeteria - the food isn't amazing but its food and you can usually get that for 50 crowns for a plate. Or take your own lunch to school. From the dorms you have Kaufland (it's huge & like Coles) it's not the cheapest but it's not too bad with pricing - cheap is Lidl but its crowded, bad layout and doesn't have a tonne of variety - I usually split my shopping on the 2 places depending what I need.

Professional development and employability

Ability to hold an interesting conversation with anyone from around the world.


The friends I have made and the memories.

Top tips

  • Live in Jarov F (Dorms) and get a room to yourself!
  • Tram 9 is your life! It gets you to most places that you need.
  • Don't use taxis - they will rip you off - use Uber.
  • Keep your beer or glass bottles - some of them you can return at Lidl or Kaufland for money (Only 6 crowns per bottle but still!)
  • There is an Ikea - do a big shop there once you work out what you need. 
  • Flixbus does a deal 5 trips for 100 Euro - buy this! You have 3 months to use and use it for big trips. Eg. I used it to get from Prague to Amsterdam - normally would cost me 60 Euro.
  • Don't go away every weekend - you will tire yourself out and not get to experience Prague!
  • DO NOT PUT YOUR CLASSES ON A TUESDAY EVENING OR WEDNESDAY! N2N party is held every Tuesday night - never miss it! Best time as the whole club is filled with exchange students - also different club each time.
  • BOOK YOURSELF ON THE ICEBREAKER WEEKEND - this is where I made most of my friends and it is ridiculously fun!
  • Do day trips around the Czech Republic and go to a football and ice hockey match!