Ashleigh - Yonsei University

B. English / Dip. Languages
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

While on my exchange I studied an intensive Korean language course (KLI1002), Korean Popular Culture (IEE1154) and Korean Language and Culture (IEE3220). My Korean language class was taught entirely in Korean, which I feel greatly improved my listening abilities. Both my Popular Culture and Korean Language and Culture classes were fairly relaxed, however assessment tasks were often a little vague. We were never given any task sheets or marking criteria – assessment tasks were assigned verbally. One challenge I faced was getting used to the difference in teaching style, as it’s not as interactive as it is at UQ.

Personal experience

I’ve gained a lot from my exchange including friendships all around the world, being able to experience a different culture and get involved the host university’s clubs and events such as the Korea vs Yonsei games.


I lived on campus in a double room at SK Global House Dormitory. The dormitories are in a convenient location right next to the Korean Language building, convenience stores and a few coffee shops and restaurants. In regards to housing, my recommendation would be to try and get a spot in the dormitories. It’s much more convenient than trying to find outside accommodation and it makes it easier to make friends.


If you’re on a strict budget you could probably get away with $100 a week on food. The food in Korea is really cheap – full meals usually cost between $6-$8, though it’s cheaper if you eat at the University’s food court. Transport in Korea is also very cheap. If you get a T-money card (the Korean equivalent of a Go Card), catching a subway or bus usually costs you less than $2 and transferring is free.

Professional development and employability

During my stay in Korea I was able to improve my Korean language abilities and develop my independence.


The highlight of my experience was visiting Gyeongbokgung – a palace in Seoul, while dressed in Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) with my friends. We wandered through the mazes of buildings in the palace grounds taking photos and learned lots about the historical site.

Top tips

To any future students studying at Yonsei University, I’d recommend joining the University’s clubs or societies as it’s a great way to make friends outside of class. I joined the Yonsei Mentors Club and the Taekwondo Club and I am still in contact with the friends I made through them.