Funyi - Tsinghua University

B. Arts
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

I study many courses in different fields in Tsinghua University. The courses include economic courses, language courses and other electives. Tsinghua University does not have tutorial classes so it is important for students to attend the lecture and pay full attention to it. The most challenging problem is the language barrier. Although I am from Hong Kong, my mandarin is not very good and fluent.

Personal experience

I have learnt and gained many from the exchange. I made friends from different countries, especially from China. They are so different from what I have imagined before. My Mandarin improved so well. I went travel many historical points in Beijing China.


I live on-campus. It is most amazing experience in my exchange experience! I live off-campus in Brisbane. Living in a place that surrounded by all of your friends was unforgettable. I definitely recommend future exchange students to live on-campus!


In China, the cost of living is relatively low when compared to Brisbane. The budgeting depends on which city you go.

Professional development and employability

Interpersonal skills, communication skill, etc. Going on exchange can develop you whole personality. It is definitely useful for future development.


On-campus life and the friendship are the highlights.

Top tips

Do not think too much. Go and explore!