Charlotte - Yonsei University

B. Arts
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

When in Korea I studied, Korean language level 4, Korean culture and Korean history. I loved the Korean language classes as they really made us use Korean and as we had to go to these classes 5 days a week I learnt so much over the 4 months of study. The other classes were also memorable as I made many friends and the assignments let us get out and about and see the city.

Personal experience

I gained so much from my exchange, I really grew as a person and learned how to care for myself, how to make good friends and improved my Korean skills greatly. My family mentioned when I returned that I had changed so much for the better.


I lived off campus in a small one room or 원룸텔. I would recommend this to all other students as I really had a sense of freedom in my own space and I was closer to transport and other public areas than the students in the dorms were. It cost about the same also.


Food cost the most for me, even though Korea is cheaper eating three meals a day definitely adds up. To fix this I would buy some groceries once a week and eat at least 1 large meal at home. Transport is much cheaper than Australia.

Professional development and employability

I feel like I am now a much more socially aware person, living alone and not having my family to back me up in every situation made me aware of how to act in situations and how to make important choices for myself.


The highlight of my experience was the friends I made, I had some of the best times with my new friends and I miss them all too much. My friends were from all over the world and I felt like I met so many new people an learnt so many new things. I was never lonely.

Top tips

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, try all the things that Korea has to offer and don't stay bunked up in your room every day. Time flies whilst on exchange and there is so much to do in that huge city!