Madeleine - Alliance Manchester Business School

B Business Management
Semester 2, 2017

Academic Experience

I am studying a Double Degree so I had very little electives to play with, thus the subjects I did all contributed to my marketing major. They were: BMAN31581, BMAN31851, BMAN24281 and BMAN24251. I found these subjects to be really interesting and engaging. The Manchester University had an extensive list of courses to select from which made it easier to choose subjects that interested me. Most of my courses were quite practical which was a pleasant surprise. I found lecturers and tutors to be really friendly and helpful and happy to help with any queries or concerns.

The only problem I did have however was the special assessment for exchange students. This aspect of the course was unorganised with some lectures not providing adequate support (ie no criteria sheet) and assessment details not being realised until the last week of uni, which made things a little stressful.

Personal Experience

I know everyone says it, but going on abroad really was the best decision I have ever made. I got to experiences a new culture, meet so many new friends, travel throughout Europe and see snow for the first time!

Manchester is simply amazing. There are plenty of things to do on campus and off campus. They are renowned within the UK for having great night life with a lot things happening every night. All the halls have events weekly as well, so there was always something to do!

Manchester is also a really great gateway to Europe. I got some really cheap flights throughout Europe and other places within the UK, which really enhanced my overseas experience. Everything was so close so it made it easy to do weekend and smaller trips. I also found Manchester to be really culturally diverse, with a lot of other students on Abroad as well. The University has a club which organised events and weekend trips for students on exchange. I would defiantly recommend checking this out, its where I met a lot of my friends and got to do heaps of things I wouldn’t have known about if I wasn’t in.


Whilst in Manchester I lived in “on campus accommodation”. The University of Manchester offers guaranteed accommodation for exchange students which makes things easy to organise whilst still in Australia. There are three major campuses with various halls located in each area. The City Campus as the name suggests was located right in the heart of Manchester City. These halls were prominently occupied by international students and didn’t boost too many social activities. Victoria Park, which is the campus I stayed was perfect. I stayed at Dalton Ellis Hall, which I found to be perfectly accommodating- I would defiantly recommend. It was only 5 minutes to Oxford Road which is one of the main transport precincts in the city, making it easy to travel anywhere. Additionally, its was only a 20-25 minute walk to class. Dalton Ellis Hall itself had a good mix of social and study aspects. There were always things to do but the halls weren’t loud all the times and they have 2 library spaces onsite for quiet study. If you’re looking for a full time party experience I would recommend you live at Fallowfield which is further from the city and Uni but easily assessable by bus. Overall, there are a lot of different halls offering catered and non catered, so I recommend looking around a bit to find something that suits you. Other halls that I would recommend are Hume Hall and Opal Gardens.


I didn’t find it extravagantly expensive to live but defiantly found my living expenses higher then when in AUS. The Hall I stayed at was catered so I really was only spending 10-20 pounds on lunch and snacks during the week. Transport was a lot more expensive then Australia, but because I was so close to Uni I just walked. If you don’t want to walk to class you can a 6 month bus pass which is cheaper then daily tickets. Otherwise I would recommend booking other transport (ie Trains to London) in advance to save money. I personally spent majority of my money on travel.

Professional Development & Employability 

I think my time abroad defiantly increased my confidence and problem solving skills. It can be a bit intimidating at first; your in a new country, you don’t know anyone or where anything is but you just preserver. It gets easier and you settle in quite quickly. If something goes wrong you have to work through it by yourself and you have to learn to be a lot more organised! I found that travelling by myself was one of the most challenging but hands down the most rewarding experience. My confidence has increase dramatically and after a while I found that I wasn’t phased at all.

I think my communication and team working skills have defiantly improved. The University is extremely diverse with students from all different cultures. This sometimes made it hard to work cohesively together in groups. However, I think this was one of the best practises for the real world. In the workplace I am sure Ill have to work in diverse groups and this was excellent practise.


SNOW! Pretty average response but coming from Queensland it was pretty amazing to see snow for the first time. I was lucky enough to stay over Christmas and man do the Brits know how to do Christmas. Manchester had the best Christmas markets all throughout December and November, lights everywhere and a bunch of festive activities. Travel, I was lucky enough to travel to a whole lot of countries while I was over there which was spectacular. I also met some of the best BEST people, who I still keep in touch with.

Top Tips 

Just Do IT! A lot of aspect seem daunting but honestly it is THE BEST experience which I don’t think can be matched by normal travel. 

  1. See as much as you can! Everything is SO close. You can travel an hour and be in a new country. Coming from Australia its hard to comprehend but being in the UK gives you the opportunity to experience so many cultures and cities which are so close!
  2. Book in advance. If you can organise yourself in advance, then travelling is a lot cheaper. On average I would say if you can do it 4-6 weeks before you want to go then you’ll save a lot of money.
  3. If your going to the UK, I would recommend getting a UK student transport pass. You get 1/3 off your fare. Super Helpful!
  4. Join the Exchange Group. Its not just exchange students its also domestic student who have previously been on exchange so you get to meets heaps of different people. They also organise a heaps of events- Bars crawls, Oktoberfest, Weekend to Edinburgh, Christmas Ball.
  5. Start saving ASAP. You want to make the most of it whilst your over there so starting saving now.