Brennan - Stockholm University

B Engineering/ B Commerce
Semester 2, 2017

Academic Experience

I studied four finance courses as part of my Commerce degree, as I preferred to keep my engineering half in Australia. The swedish study system is unique in that you only study one course at a time, with around 6-8 contact hours a week. Due to this there is a huge amount of free time compared to UQ where you can have up to 20-30 hours in some weeks. Due to this I found the studying quite easy.

Personal Experience

Through my time spent studying, I made close friends with other students from Europe, America and Asia who were also studying in Sweden. In my time spent in Europe in total, I visited 7 different countries, which was by far the best part about studying in Stockholm, the relatively easy access to travel.


I lived in off-campus university housing called Lappis, which is a small walk from the campus. This place is by far the best place to live in Stockholm and I would advise you to stay here, as the majority of other students living there are also students, there are regular parties and events and its easy to meet and get to know people. Put in housing requests as soon as possible as Stockholm is notoriously hard to find accommodation.


Stockholm was far more expensive than I had budgeted for, and that was taking into account the fact that I rarely ate out and instead made all my own food. Alcohol is also extremely expensive compared to European countries, and even more expensive than Australia. As such my advise is to save as much money as you can in Sweden and attempt to travel around the rest of Europe to spend your money. Additionally due to the drastically different climate, adjusting your wardrobe is not cheap.

Professional Development & Employability

I have gained experience in networking, different types of education and a new outlook on the world.


Travelling into Lapland to see the Northern lights, it was surreal.

Top Tips

It's an amazing experience and if you're on the fence just do it, it'll never be something you regret.