Rose - University of Glasgow

B Arts/ B Laws (Hons)
Semester 2, 2017

Academic Experience

I only studied subjects contributing to the Arts component of my degree while at the University of Glasgow. I study an extended major in English Literature, so studying in Scotland gave me the opportunity to branch out into some Scottish Literature. I studied an introductory Scottish Lit course, a Literary Theory course, and a general elective called Scottish Culture. I would recommend taking the Culture course as it gives a great overview of Scottish life (and is helpful for travel tips for the weekends off!)

It was strange to get used to a different online system, and it felt a bit like being in first year again. U of G doesn't record all lectures - it differs from subject to subject, but none of my courses were recorded, which made things difficult when both myself and all of the people I was living in halls with were struck with Freshers' Flu the first week of uni and unable to make it in to a couple of classes. Luckily, lecturers were quick to put up online notes and I was able to ask some friends for their notes.

Personal Experience

I made some incredible new friends during my time in Glasgow - many of whom were also exchange students, so it was easy to make friends and to go adventuring with them. Glasgow was a great base from which to explore the UK, as the train system is super efficient, and due to my timetable I could often do three day weekend trips.


I lived on-campus at Cairncross House. The location was incredible (in Glasgow's West End), and about a 10-15 minute scenic walk into the University through Kelvingrove Park. My single room was spacious and I shared a kitchen with 9 other people, so it made it easy to make friends straight away, as well as to have people around to walk in to and back from uni, or to go to the gym there. The great part about university accommodation was that we received gym membership as part of our rent, and I would really recommend the gym classes at the Uni of Glasgow.


I found life in Glasgow to be relatively comparable to Brisbane in terms of expenses. Glasgow is a really walkable city, so I rarely had to use public transport while in the city (although the Subway is convenient for trips from the uni to the city centre if you need to get there a bit faster; it costs £1.45). The biggest difference was transport costs (particularly from one big city to another); the UK's transport is largely privatised so trains in particular can be really expensive. Buses are often cheaper though they may be uncomfortable for longer journeys. I would recommend budgeting approximately $15,000 AUD for a six month period overseas.

Professional Development & Employability

Exchange is a fantastic opportunity to improve your independence - at first exploring a completely new country on your own is terrifying, but since returning home I have realised the level of independence that I gained while overseas. My time studying overseas also inspired me in terms of my career path, and having the opportunity to meet and become friends with people from all over the world really expended my knowledge and ability to connect with others.


The highlight of my experience was definitely the friends I made while at university. Luckily this also meant exploring new places with them, and travelling all around both the UK and some of Europe with them.

Glasgow as a city was also an incredible place to live, and one of my favourite memories about the city was the autumnal colours in Kelvingrove park during October. The campus itself is so picturesque, and (as everyone says) looks exactly like Hogwarts!

Top Tips

I would absolutely recommend completing an exchange during your university degree - it was without a doubt the best six months of my life, due to the incredible new experiences I gained. From an academic perspective, the opportunity to study slightly different subjects to those available to me at UQ was invaluable, and broadened the perspective from which I approach my major. Glasgow is a very liveable city (and has incredible food), and is also a great place from which to explore other places in Europe. Don't be scared off by the weather - it isn't as bad as everyone says!