Yurou - Bocconi University

B Commerce
Semester 1, 2017

Academic Experience

The exchange courses that I selected were about management. I studied 5 courses in the exchange host university. One of them was the special one in that university which is Fashion Company. I learned lots of academic knowledge about fashion and design in the luxury business. It was a really interesting course that attracted me a lot.

The academic system in the Bocconi was quite simple compared with the UQ's system. They do not have tutorial and practical class for students.only lectures. Actually, I need to practice and review the courses entirely by myself. This would be a challenge for me during my study.

Personal Experience

During exchange, the best time would be meeting lots of friends who from many different countries and colleges. Everyone has interesting personal characteristics. I got lots of fun when we shared our personal life experience. I studied Italian crash course before I started the semester in the Bocconi University. it was very useful.


Off-campus. Italy has many old buildings. so the accommodation in Italy is poorer than Australia. But it is still warm. I advise future students to live on campus. Because Campus accommodation is really convenient for students. It is near the campus. 


Around 5000 euro per month including all rent, food, transport and so on. actually, the average cost in Italy was cheaper than Australia.

Professional Development & Employability

I have learned skills about how to manage the business in the luxury company industry or small and medium enterprises. since my major is accounting which belongs to Commerce, the management knowledge would enrich my business experience.


My exchange experience got so much fun. I was relax, happy and enjoying this trip.

Top Tips

I am pretty sure you will get a really worldwide, wonderful and exciting experience in your life. Be careful and be happy.