Nyoah - Politecnico di Milano

B. Architecture
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I studied 5 subjects to meet my credits. This included a design studio, social change, history of art, building physics and building typologies. For the most part, the learning was great. It was quite hectic however managing those 5 subjects (which was the minimum to achieve the credits) and attempting to settle, live and travel the country/continent. The administration was unorganised and became stressful. For example, in my study plan, I entered Second Year design studio, which I found out at orientation, was unavailable as it was an annual course. Therefore I needed to enrol in a Third Year design studio. The problem with this was that the Politecnico did not have enough studio positions for exchange students, so it was 'first in best dressed'. Then the university didn't provide a sign on time, rather just a date, which made it even more stressful, as I stayed up the whole night to secure a position (it opened at 9 am).

Personal experience

A lot. Learnt great amounts about my field. I can't imagine studying Architecture and not doing a trip like that. I find it totally essential (in hindsight).


Off campus. It was really difficult to find a place to stay, and there was very little assistance from the university. This became even more difficult in a foreign place, where most people didn't (or wouldn't) speak English. My advice would be, try and organise a place beforehand, the uni accommodation doesn't seem too great and a bit pricey. My place turned out to be ok and much cheaper, but it was stressful to find while starting uni.


Hard to say. I'd recommend bringing around 12K (from my experiences). Hard to specify specific costs.

Professional development and employability

Definitely confidence and ability to approach, converse and interact with others. Also management and organisation of living alone, and having responsibility. It was daunting, now it's natural.


Living in Europe. Again, I don't think I could pin down a specific experience, it wouldn't do the trip justice, so instead, I'll leave you with a very vague, uninformative comment (sorry).

Top tips

  • Prepare as much as you can beforehand, but also don't be rigid in this.
  • Allow and plan for flexibility.
Nyoah - Politecnico di Milano