Oriana - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

B. Applied Science
Semester 2, 2014

Academic experience

Luckily, I had a lot of electives so I was able to study a range of different courses, not necessarily related to my degree. I was able to study German, sustainability and ethics for example. One thing I enjoyed was the flexibility possible at a smaller university. For instance, due dates were not set in stone, and lecturers didn't really mind if you handed things in late, as they had a 'second' due date..however, this is of course at the discretion of each lecturer. There are also courses called 'Einzeltermins' which are intensive courses which are you can complete in 2-3 weekends which is great if you want more time off uni during the week. Some slightly irritating things as an international student were that you require signatures from all your professors at the start and end of the semester..germans like being beaurocratic! But that's being picky. I guess I also didn't like that I had mostly assignments as opposed to exams because of the courses I chose...I prefer exams.

Personal experience

I had a great time on exchange in Luneburg. It's not a problem trying to make friends and you'll know pretty much all the international students on campus cause it's not a big university. And most international or 'Erasmus' students will be excited to travel and explore not only Germany but Europe so you'll have plenty of travel companions. In terms of learning languages, I wouldn't say it's the best environment to learn German especially if you end up like me and hang around with mostly internationals..you'll speak English all the time. But then again, it's what you make of it and if you really put a lot of effort into the language you'll get it... I really regret not pushing myself more in that regard.


I lived off campus, right in the middle of the city. I loved it cause old town of Luneburg is so beautiful and I loved walking through it on my way home. It's also conveniently close to the train station which is nice for travelling away, to Hamburg or Bremen or the airport. Also close to the fresh food markets and shops. It's also only about a 20-30min walk to uni. I didn't want to live on campus cause I felt like I would be stuck in a little university bubble if I lived there...however I have friends who live on campus and love it there. It just depends on what you prefer. Cons were it was a small private apartment so it was difficult to invite people over and the landlord actually preferred it if you didn't get visitors.


Really depends...Probably most expensive is travelling. You'll want to have a bit of money to go travelling around Europe, but even that can be done really cheaply with budget airlines and cheap hostels. Rent ranges from about 250-350 Euros per month, which is pretty comparable to Brisbane, maybe even cheaper. Food and entertainment pretty similar to Australia as well. I got a scholarship from Leuphana University luckily so I didn't have to worry too much.

Professional development and employability

It gave me a chance to look at some of the things Germany is doing in terms of the environment and sustainability and look at what we can improve in Australia. It really widens your perspective on things and gives you a more international outlook, the kinds of things which always look good on a resume I guess!


Experiencing a European winter. You'll never take the weather in Australia for granted again.

Top tips

Just do it. You won't regret it.

Oriana - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg