Samuel - City, University of London

B Commerce/ B Science
Semester 2, 2017

Academic Experience

I studied Applied Psychology in Clinical Practise, Memory and the Law, Health Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I enjoyed the fact that study was more self-directed. There were much more assigned readings for the subjects and less contact hours (no tutorials).

The biggest challenge was the amount of content that needed to be revised for the exams. Instead of revising all the content of the course they're designed so you pick specific topics and thoroughly revise them. I overcame this through discussions with the lecturers. 

Personal Experience

I explored much of the UK and managed to study a free French course through the university. I also joined the university rugby team which helped me develop my rugby skills as well as forge new lasting friendships.


I arranged to live in a private college but left as the rules were extremely strict. I then moved into a flat an hour away from the uni. I enjoyed the money saved from not renting on campus but the commute times were a massive negative. The advice I would give would be to apply to on campus accom very very early.


Rent was 150 pounds per month, transport was 110 pounds per month. Most of the buses are around 20-30 pound return. Food is as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, same with entertainment, drinking, concerts etc.

Professional Development & Employability

I tried my best to put myself out there and made a number of valuable contacts in my field (finance) and managed to secure a few job offers through the exchange and contacts made.


The highlight of the experience was the two weeks driving with friends through France and Spain immediately before the exchange begun.

Top Tips

Apply early to on-site accommodation, be ready to put yourself out there, get involved (with societies and sport) and bring more money then you think you'll need.