Emily - Universidad Pontificia Comillas

B. Business
Semester 1, 2017

Academic experience

Negotiation, Leadership, International Marketing, Sales Management, Spanish for exchange students A1, Operations Management. 
It was enjoyable as it was more like high school, we had most of the same people in each class and took part in a lot of in class discussions. The classes were very involved. 
We were required to attend a lot of hours of university and complete a lot of homework however the exams were then not very stressful.

Personal experience

I made friends from all over the world which made the whole experience. Madrid was great and the university organised social events for us. I travelled almost every weekend so I saw a lot of Europe which was incredible. The experience educated me culturally.


I lived off campus. I was given advice to organise accommodation when I arrived because it would be cheaper and easier. I strongly suggest NOT to do this. I spent two weeks in a dirty hostel trying to find accommodation, a further month in an Airbnb before moving into my permanent address which was under construction for the most part. Go on to facebook on Madrid room mate and flat search and post for a room in advance. Or search real estate websites and have it organised in advance. On campus is extremely expensive.


Everything is much more expensive then you would think! I would say, calculate how much you think everything would cost and times it by three. I wish I had of had more money to do all the activities and see each place properly. I would say approximately $20,000

Professional development and employability

I have learned to be culturally sensitive and I am more understanding of people who do not speak English after facing many challenges due to not knowing other languages.


New Years Eve in Sol
New Years Eve in Sol

Going to the beaches in Portugal and the small country towns in Switzerland absolutely must do!

Top tips

  • Don't be scared, do it!
  • You will learn that you can make friends anywhere in the world and it will be the most amazing experience.
  • The downside is that one day you have to leave and leave all your best friends behind.
Emily - Universidad Pontificia Comillas