Genevieve - Bocconi University

B. Commerce
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

The 5 subjects I chose were an introduction to options and futures, alternative investments, financial markets and institutions, international banking and management of financial institutions. I recommend all of these; they incorporated interesting concepts and gave me a well-rounded worldview of economics in Europe. One of the greatest aspects of Bocconi is its ability to attract very influential guest speakers to host lectures throughout the semester. I was fortunate enough to listen to prime brokers from Goldman Sachs, Hedge and pension fund managers and the chairman of Sotheby’s.

Personal experience

If you want to see the world, Milan is the place to study. It is a central European city. Flights are very cheap out Milan’s three airports. On average it is a two-hour flight to any country in Europe. In my 6 months away, I visited the following cities: London, Oxford, Bath, Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Dublin, Amsterdam, Belfast, Lagos, San Fruttoso, Florence, Portofino, Rome, Cervinia, Lake Como, Marrakech, Mykonos, Budapest, Paris, Brussels, Catania. I achieved this without missing any of my classes (bar one week).



I lived off campus with 3 other Bocconi exchange students. All of them attend UQ. Our place was found through Airbnb, it was in a great location. I enjoyed having my own room - a luxury I now believe is crucial when considering living arrangements. I would also recommend staying around the Porta Romana area, or the St Augostino (where we lived). DO NOT stay outside walking distance from Bocconi.


All in all, I think my 6-month trip amounted to $20 000. I would've spent around $8000 on flights, $6000 on accommodation (both for my set place and travelling on weekends), $3000 on clothes and $3000 on entertainment. I would recommend bringing over as much money as possible because it will be hard not to buy clothes in Milan!

Professional development and employability

The courses of Bocconi taught me with a well-rounded worldview of economics in Europe. I intend to bring this forward with me in my future career. It is also a highly regarded university by not only Italians but a lot of Europeans, so I believe my mere attendance to Bocconi has contributed to my employability.


Aperitivo is a Milanese tradition. Each evening, most bars and restaurants in the city host aperitivo. It entails 1 drink of your choice and free reign on a buffet. These buffets range in intensity; some are just chips and nuts, others include several types of pasta. Many are enough to be considered dinner. It is a perfect way to catch up with friends after a day at Bocconi. My favourite aperitivo places were around the Navigli area: Mag café and Maya. Ceresio 7, a restaurant created by the Dsquared2 guys was also worth visiting if you are willing to spend a little more money. In my opinion, the nightclubs were not outstanding. If that is what you’re looking for in an exchange, I would consider going to Berlin. If you do end up choosing Milan I recommend visiting Gattopardo, le Bank and Rollover.

Top tips

  • Milan is one of the more sophisticated locations to choose for an exchange.
  • If you enjoy travelling, eating and fashion, it is perfect for you.
  • I also recommend Bocconi to students who are studying finance. It is very a highly regarded university for this major, one of the best in Europe.
Genevieve - Bocconi University