Indy - University of Amsterdam

B. Arts
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

I studied Dutch Golden Age; Art in Public Space; Embodied Cognition; Film and Philosophy; Presence and Aesthetic Experience in Performance, Theatre and the Arts.
I mostly enjoyed how self-directed the assessment and course structure is. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and almost always to come up with their own research questions for assessment.

Personal experience

I don't think 'gain' is the right word choice. I don't feel like the same person just with added experiences and friends. These things have changed, shaped and are an integral part of me now. My resume and contact list are longer, sure, but that is one way to look at the experience.


I lived off campus in student housing in Diemen, about 25 minutes from the city centre by bike. I really enjoyed living here, as it was a chance to get out of the city to a more quiet and green area. 
This location, Rode Kruislaan, is 5, 14 level buildings of mostly international students. A great way to meet people! It is also quite cheap comparatively. 
My advice is take care of your shared spaces!


If you want to stretch your budget really, really far, you can do a weeks grocery shopping for 10 euro at Deen (Not Albert Heijn). Transport is quite expansive, so a bike really is the best option for travel, and a big part of Dutch culture! There are some great events and gigs for free/donation basis. Travel can be quite cheap using Flixbus and Ryan air, and the Netherlands is a very good location to travel from. 

Professional development and employability

I have gained experience in communication, mainly being proactive in getting in touch with people.


I met my extended family for the first time in Portugal.

Top tips

  • Push your boundaries but trust your gut.
  • Make what you want of this opportunity, not what you are told to or expected to make of it.
Indy - University of Amsterdam