Georgia - Universiteit Maastricht

B. Laws / Arts
Summer Semester, 2017

Academic experience

I studied International Relations and Politics of the European Union. I loved the intensive course structure, the hours were long but it was fantastic to be able to consolidate knowledge in class and with peers so quickly. I enjoyed having such a small class (there were about 20-25 students) and found that the small number helped foster friendships and study groups.

Personal experience

Maastricht University is uniquely placed on the borders of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and as such, I was able to explore all three countries. The course included weekend trips to excellent locations such as the European Parliament, the European Commission and the International Criminal Court. Visiting these places of importance and history was an amazing experience and helped to contextualise what we were learning.


I lived on campus in a shared room. It made making friends very easy and was close to the university. I would recommend such housing with cooking facilities.


My course was three weeks and I would budget around $1500 for the three weeks to accommodate for food, travel entertainment and rent if it was relatively cheap.

Professional development and employability

Day trip to Aachen, Germany, close to Maastricht University
Day trip to Aachen, Germany, close to Maastricht University

The intensive learning enabled me to understand how much I can learn in a short amount of time and how to best consolidate knowledge quickly.


The course was fantastic, but the highlight would be the amazing people I met and keep in contact with.

Top tips

  • Enjoy your time!
  • Make the most of the people around me you and travel while you can!
  • Study in groups, it's fun and helps you make friends.
Georgia - Universiteit Maastricht