William - CentraleSupelec

B. Engineering
Semester 1, 2017

Academic experience

Courses studied:
Assuming Responsibility Seminar, Object oriented software design, High Performance Computing for Engineering and Finance, Cogeneration and Energy Production, Programming Mobile Devices, Production Planning and Scheduling, Aircraft Design, French as a Foreign Language

It seems like a lot of courses but they are much smaller than the ones at UQ, some of them only went for a week. The thing I liked most about a different academic system was that it gave me the opportunity to study courses that aren't offered at UQ and ultimately helped me with deciding my career path. The most challenging course I studied I thought was going to be taught in English but it ended up being mainly taught in French and I knew barely any French coming into exchange. So whenever I didn’t understand something I asked one of the French students for help and I was able to pass.

Personal experience

This exchange is not something I will ever forget. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed immersing myself in different cultures, making friends with people from many different backgrounds. I really enjoyed travelling and became addicted to it by the end. I’ve always wanted to go overseas and my expectations were exceeded.


I lived on-campus. The campus is located just outside Paris and it took about 45mins by public transport to get to the centre. However, I would definitely recommend staying on-campus so you can experience the college-life. It gives you the opportunity to meet lots of people and get involved with the associations. It was also much cheaper than accommodation in Paris would have been.

Professional development and employability

Living away from home for 6 months has made me a lot more independent. Employers value this as they want you to be able to complete tasks without having to rely on others.


Some highlights:

  • Ski week in Risoul
  • Witnessing Nadal win his 10th French Open title
  • Tapas bar hopping in Spain

Top tips

  • Make friends early on. Everyone else will be trying to make friends so it’s easier at the beginning.
  • For money saving, look up the Citibank Plus Transaction Account it is probably the best account there is for Australians travelling overseas. Most atm withdrawals are free and there is no foreign exchange fee.
William - CentraleSupelec