Rebekah - University of Salamanca

B. Education (Secondary) / Arts
Semester 2, 2015

Academic experience

I took 3 Math courses and 3 Philology courses. Teaching is old school - chalkbaords and no recordings or uploaded lecture notes. Go to class! And make friends with the person who takes notes on their laptop.

Personal experience

Since it was my first time in Europe, I used this opportunity to travel within the EU, mostly before and after the European semester (September-February). For the majority I travelled alone, and discovered that I loved the freedom of going wherever I wanted at my own pace.


I spent most my time in a share house with a girl I met through archery classes, we got along really well and she helped me get to know the area. I would suggest booking a hostel or pension for your first few days while you look for a place to live. It's a good idea to have a look around and meet the housemates first. "Pension Salamanca" costs around 18€ per night.


Salamanca is an extremely cost-efficient city for an exchange semester! You can easily find a comfortable room fro 250€ month and won't need to worry about any transport costs. 
Food is also affordable. A coffee + croissant is around 2.50€, a pint of beer is 3€.

Professional development and employability

Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

From an aspiring LOTE teacher perspective this exchange has been invaluable in terms of 1) improving my Spanish and 2) cultural experiences and understandings. Also, by being in a different university/country I was able to hear about different research topics within maths and Spanish language, ones that aren't so prominent at home.


Roughly halfway through my exchange I was familiar with the city, I had made friends and was starting to feel like a local. I missed everyone at home but I was doing well; I was healthy, staying on top of assessment and really enjoying archery classes. 

Top tips

  • If you receive youth allowance, get the paperwork organised so you can continue to receive payments overseas.
  • Don't rush into a decision with housing, make sure you've looked around and know what the reasonable price is in the area.
  • Overestimate when budgeting, add in extra for weekend trips and take out the OS Help loan.
  • Instead of a travel money card apply for a Citibank debit card - it's ideal, no fees, no strings attached - read into it.
  • Enjoy and keep us posted!
Rebekah - University of Salamanca