Rhoda - University of Glasgow

B Science
Semester 2, 2017

Academic Experience

Initially, when I applied to Glasgow university, I picked several subjects which aligned perfectly with what I should have been doing at home. However, on arrival, Glasgow informed me that they had changed the biomedical programs and all of the subjects I had picked were no longer offered. This was incredibly challenging because I was concerned I would not gain the appropriate credits for when I returned home. In spite of this, I chose a genetics subject, philosophy and a german. German was my favourite as it gave me the chance to learn a new language.

Personal Experience

As mentioned earlier, although they speak English in Glasgow I was fortunate enough to study some German. This was a great experience for me and I intend to continue learning the language at home. I also made many new friends, especially with my flatmates at the time.


I lived on campus at the Winton Flats. I enjoyed this because it gave me the chance to live with other students who I have made life long friendships with. It was also in a great location, just a 15 minute walk to the campus through the botanic gardens.


Rent was the most expensive thing, it was approximately $4000 for one semester. Food in the UK is cheaper than in Australia which was good. With meal planning and budgeting I could manage with 20 pounds per week on food. I would definitely recommend using Scotrail to book trains all around Scotland. If you get a Scotrail card and book trains in advance, prices are much cheaper and you end up saving lots of money if you take a lot of trains. I would also recommend saving for some travelling around Europe. All up, depending on the cost of flights, I would recommend saving around $8000.

Professional Development & Employability

Overall, from this experience I have developed the skill to be able to take initiative to find out questions and to work independently. In addition, I have become much more organised in general, from meal planning and grocery budgeting to my studies.


The highlight of my experience was definitely the life long friendships that I have made throughout the semester, particularly my flatmates.

Top Tips 

In order to get the most out of your exchange, I would definitely recommend budgeting efficiently. Shopping cheaply and not spending money buying lunch at uni everyday really saves you lots of money in the long run and means you can use that money to travel more. I would also recommend weekend trips with any friends you make. Due to the proximity of some European countries such as the Netherlands, France and Spain, taking a weekend trip somewhere is incredibly easy even in the middle of the semester. If you are on top of your uni work and find cheap accomodation (i.e. air bnb or hostels), it is definitely worth it.