Jordan - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

B. International Studies
Semester 1, 2016

Academic experience

At my host university, I studied Politics and Migration, B1 German and Tandem German, Law & Economics an Public International Law. One of the most enjoyable classes was the Tandem system, which is a new program for Leuphana. You are paired with a student whose mother tongue is the language you would like to learn, and this is reciprocated. You can choose your own meeting topics while getting more casual outside-of-classroom experience.

Personal experience

Lüneburg, the town in which my University is situated, is steep in history. I found an authentic experience of German history and was able to build on my understanding of the culture from what I'd already learnt in my courses at UQ.


My living arrangement was a twin shared apartment in a large building, far from campus. The university accommodation service is efficient but not always fits one's preferences. I enjoyed the time in my apartment and was lucky to have a very friendly roommate.


The university offers a very cheap cafeteria, perfect for gaps between classes or even to study and meet friends. Meals are a very low 3 Euro for lunch or dinner. All in all, I spent approximately 100 Euro a week on food, going out, and excursions. The university provides a student card giving all students free transport in the state, greatly reducing the cost of living.

Professional development and employability

I strongly believe that exchange has benefited my language proficiency more than any other course or opportunity. It forces me to step outside my comfort zone and confront my problems by learning the language, rather than resting on my assumption of others' knowledge of English. Being in a small town, this was reinforced even further.


The highlight of my experience was the opportunity and spontaneity to be able to pack my bags and extend my travel experience outside of my host country. Europe is a vast area packed with an array of culture, to not make the most of that chance would be to not make the most of Abroad.

Top tips

  • Contact all UQ students or friends beforehand, not just in your town, but your country and neighbouring countries.
  • You can help each other travel, share the stress of the beginning of the exchange, and even find new friends in your faculty at home that you wouldn't have met otherwise.
Jordan - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg