Brenton - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

B. Laws / Arts
Semester 1, 2016

Academic experience

At Leuphana I primarily studied German language acquisition courses. I took four German courses, a beginners French course, a culture course and a law course. This amounted to three additional not-for-credit classes which are no problem. The system at Leuphana is very flexible for all students, and this is especially true for exchange students. My German teachers quite literally asked whether we would like an exam or an essay. The quality of teaching is very high, but it was a bit tough sometimes having up to 30 people in a class.

Personal experience

I made heaps of new friends from all over the world and had the opportunity to do lots of travel. The Uni is small and the campus is slightly out of town. Buses run regularly during the day and many students commute from Hamburg without living in Lüneburg. 
Lüneburg, the town where the uni is located is a stunning medieval town, made rich and prosperous through salt production. The town's industry dried up in the late middle ages leaving a spectacular architectural style and a relatively undiscovered beauty. 
My German markedly improved throughout my exchange, attributable mainly to living with a German family and taking so many German courses. The workload was not high at all, and homework was often optional.


I lived with family friends in a nearby town which allowed me to save money and spend it on travel instead! Unfortunately, this involved a 40min door-to-door commute, but this proved to be manageable and was always a nice scenic journey.

Professional development and employability

With uni friends on the Leuphana campus
With uni friends on the Leuphana campus

Exchange was always something I knew I would do. I am lucky enough to be doing a back-to-back exchange in Semester 2 this year, albeit at a different institution in Germany. Exchange teaches you the importance of planning, flexibility, independence and provides a wonderful opportunity for making new friends, networking, embracing change and learning a new way of life.


Highlights included trips with friends to the Sahara and Morocco, many European cities, and enjoying the many pubs and bars in the town itself. Exchange was thoroughly enjoyable and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!

Top tips

  • Do it! Leuphana is a small and particular kind of uni.
  • Well known for its 'sustainability' focus and for its under-construction new main building by famous architect Daniel Liebeskind, the uni would certainly appeal to environmental studies students and also caters for political sciences and language students, amongst other things.
  • You get a public transport pass, and have close access to Hamburg airport to take lots of trips throughout your stay. One semester is never enough, and take two if you can afford the time!
Brenton - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg