Jack - Koc University

B. Laws
Semester 1, 2015

Academic experience

The most rewarding academic experience of exchange is encountering a completely new and diverse group of fellow students. Each student will contribute their knowledge and culture to the academic discussion. In celebrating our differences and shared values, our world is made more understanding. 

Personal experience

The exchange was an opportunity to pursue many experiences I've dreamt of for many years. I gained an understanding of another culture, religion and language.


I lived on campus at Koc University. The dormitory arrangement meant that I had access to the outstanding facilities of the University and was only a 40-minute train ride to the heart of Istanbul. In a city the size of Istanbul, it's nice being able to retreat to a quieter area to live.


Comparatively, Turkey is a great option for students in terms of expense. Things are much cheaper than you would expect in Australia and I found you don't have to spend money to make memorable experiences.

Professional development and employability

Taking a semester of my studies overseas gave me the opportunity to develop some perspective. I found that Exchange was quite literally a moment in my studies where I could take a breath and consider where things were going in my life. 

Our personal and professional endeavours are the culmination of experience. If you strive to live a life of varied experience, then employers will value you for your individuality.


Cycling Anatolia
Cycling Anatolia

Riding my bicycle across Turkey.

Top tips

  • Step outside of convention and back yourself to just do it!
Jack - Koc University