Elana - Copenhagen Business School

B Business Management/ B Science
Semester 2, 2016

Academic Experience

At CBS I studied Visual Communication, Business Strategy, Qualitative Methods in Marketing and Consumer Research and Place Branding: Nations, Regions and Cities.

Amongst business schools, CBS is renowned for its curriculum and academic staff. The Danish way of teaching is to encourage, and expect, students to challenge the teachings and opinions put forward by teachers and peers. Of my 4 courses, 3 courses were populated by approximately 30 students, making lectures an immersive and interactive experience where the whole class was engaged in discussion. Being in Europe, my classes also gave me an understanding of European markets, politics an cultures.

Assessment at CBS is very different to UQ, ranging from oral examinations to 4 hour digital exams. I was also only given one assessment for each course (meaning my whole grade was based off one assessment). These were given at the end of the semester, with two weeks to complete all assessments - for me, this was 3 assignments (each being 10-15 standard pages) and one 4 hour digital exam.

Personal Experience

I gained friendships with people from all over the world! Their life experiences, backgrounds, political beliefs and cultures opened my eyes to different thought processes and gave me a more global world-view.

Our favourite places to hang out in Copenhagen were Tivoli, Papriøen street food markets, Christiania, Original Coffee on the rooftop of Illum, Souls cafe, Mad & Kaffe cafe and having an icecream or a drink along Nyhavn. Drinking in public is allowed! So grab a drink from Netto or 7/11 and sit along the boardwalk at Nyhavn. I also loved to wander in the botanic gardens and boutiques and antique stores of Østerbro and Vesterbro. One of my favourite Saturday mornings was spent watching the Royal Danish Ballet perform at Operaen (Copenhagen's Opera House).

Roskilde Viking Museum is a great day trip by train within Denmark. Sweden is also close by - a train to Malmö takes about 30 minutes (don't forget your passport!). If you're in Copenhagen for Fall - take a train out of the city to pick apples and pumpkins for Halloween. Copenhagen's Christmas markets are also not to be missed!


I lived off campus, in a shared apartment in Østerbro. Housing is in high demand in Copenhagen and is often expensive. Due to a high number of incoming exchange students, CBS cannot offer enough places in student housing. However, their housing department is highly helpful and can assist with arranging housing with a host family or bring to your attention any available apartments. CBS' housing department is very active over email and on their Facebook page.

There are a number of housing websites which require a sign up fee. Housing options on this site are usually share houses with Danish students. If you'd prefer to be in share housing, I'd recommend arranging this before student housing placements are announced. After this time, it is difficult to find share housing. I'd recommend trying Facebook groups or AirBnb. Many of the AirBnb listings in Copenhagen are geared towards students - this is where I found my apartment.


Copenhagen is a rather expensive city to live in. I paid about $6000 for rent. Eating and drinking out is expensive, so I rarely did this. Most students buy their groceries and alcohol at Netto and Lidl (equivalent to Aldi prices). If you're using public transport, I'd recommend purchasing a Periodekort from Central Station or a Rejsakort (equivalent to our Go Card). Cycling is really popular in Copenhagen, and it's easy to find a second hand bike from departing students.

Professional Development & Employability

Travelling frequently and setting up home overseas has helped me to be better at thinking on my feet and keeping cool under pressure. I think these skills, in addition to having a more global mindset have contributed to my professional development.


Going on exchange is a great opportunity to meet so many new people. It's also a great opportunity to travel! Before, during and after my exchange I travelled to England, the Greek Islands, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Scotland and Ireland.

Top Tips

Going on exchange was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I chose Copenhagen for the reputation of CBS and the Scandinavian culture. If going on exchange is an option for you, I'd say go for it! I'd recommend considering the culture of your host country and whether it is close to other countries you're interested in travelling to.