Michaela - Bucerius Law School

B. Commerce / Laws
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

Bucerius Law School is a commercial law university which is why it appealed to me. The courses I was able to take were all practical and most of all extremely relevant to the area of law I am interested in practising: corporate law. Specifically, for example, I completed courses on negotiation, transactional drafting, and 'the practical aspects of M&A'. As I completed this exchange in my final semester, the pass/fail system was definitely a big draw too!

Personal experience

I gained everything and more on this exchange! Over the weekends and the mid-session break, I was able to travel to 10 countries I had never seen before, I made friends from all over the world, and learnt a word or five of German. I learnt a lot about the German culture, history and legal system. Inevitably, other gains included those to my suitcase, because the shopping scene in the EU was too much to handle, and my waistline, because Bratwurst and Bier.


I rented an apartment from a Bucerius student who was completing an exchange overseas himself. The Bucerius International Office assisted a lot with the process so it was quite easy to organise. I stayed in the Eimsbüttel area which was conveniently located for access to the U-Bahn. The school was just two stops or 5 minutes away, and the city about 15 minutes.

Professional development and employability

Christmas Markets in Hamburg
Christmas Markets in Hamburg

Through this exchange I have been able to make not only friends from all over the world but an international network of lawyers. The skills and knowledge I gained from the courses I completed will also be directly relevant and applicable in my career.


The highlight of my experience was definitely all of the travelling I was able to do. Flights and trains between the EU countries are so reasonably priced and the workload was manageable enough to be able to squeeze a trip in every weekend or fortnight.

Top tips

Just do it! And if you're still unsure, just plan your degree structure and start saving early anyway so that you at least have the option later on.

Michaela - Bucerius Law School