Jack - University of Wyoming

B. Engineering / Business Management
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I am a 5th-year student studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Business Management who was fortunate enough to study at The University of Wyoming (UW) during the Fall semester of 2016. 

I selected to only participate in business management subjects and I enrolled in the following subjects:

MKT4590 - Sustainable Business Practices
MGT4800 - Management Strategy & Policy
INBU3110 - Global Business Ethics
ENR4500 - Risk Analysis

I enjoyed these subjects and it was beneficial to gain a US perspective on the aforementioned topics. With respect to quantitative analysis, it was difficult to resonate with the Imperial system, where only Myanmar and Liberia join the US in using it.

Personal experience

I participated in UW's outdoor program and was exposed to many outdoor activities such as kayaking, snowboarding, hiking and venturing to natural hot pools. The UW exchange program had other international students from countries such as The Netherlands, Germany and Finland and it was interesting to get to know and share experiences with them.


I lived on campus in White Hall, which coincidentally had just been refurbished. I enjoyed the friendship I shared with my roommate over the duration of the semester and it was positive to get to know his background and future goals. I would recommend White Hall to any prospective UW student, but be sure to be vigilant about any initial damage reporting in the rooms.


University of Wyoming Football
University of Wyoming Football

The overall UW experience for 1 semester cost approximately AUD 12000. This included lodging at White Hall, an unlimited food pass to the dining hall, UW classes and travel arrangements from Brisbane, Australia to Laramie, Wyoming. It may be beneficial to extend this budget limit further, depending on your lifestyle, so I would recommend approximately AUD 15000 to budget for the semester.

Professional development and employability

My exposure to the aforementioned classes opened my eyes to Benefit Corporations, or B Corps, which use 5 metrics to evaluate companies and their daily operations. I believe B Corps offer an alternative to the status quo and I am now thoroughly excited to work for them in the future.

Through my J-1 academic visa, I was able to get an internship with a solar installer in Denver, Colorado and I believe this has contributed greatly to my overall professional development.


The highlight of my experience was having the privilege to co-captain the UW football (soccer) team during the semester I was there. I also thoroughly enjoyed being in proximity to several ski resorts and this was capitalised on throughout the semester.

Top tips

  • The best advice I can offer prospective UW students is to be open-minded and participate in as many activities that are suggested to you as possible.
  • I enjoyed my overall UW experience and recommend it to you if you are looking for a university in the Mid-West US.
Jack - University of Wyoming