Joshua - University College London

B Engineering (Electrical)
Semester 1, 2017

Academic Experience

I studied three electrical engineering courses and one computational mathematics course (Control Systems I, Advanced Digital Design, Digital Signal Processing and Computational Methods). The course difficulty seemed to be at a similar standard to UQ, however the work was a lot more theoretical; none of the electrical courses had any practical work, which was slightly disappointing. Additionally, these courses were assessed with 100% final exams, which made it challenging to be motivated during term time, however the provided problem sheets were a good study tool.

Personal Experience

Exchange, particularly living in a hall of residence, allowed me to interact and make friends with a lot of people; people from many different countries studying many different things.

I also got the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe both during and after my exchange; I met many interesting people and visited many interesting places; I will treasure the memories I made for the rest of my life.


I stayed in Ramsay Hall, a partially catered (breakfast and dinner on weekdays) residence a 5 minute walk away from the main campus. Not being provided with all meals provided the opportunity to explore the food choices available (Nearby Goodge street has bountiful, relatively inexpensive food options, and there are more than a dozen supermarkets within 10 minutes walking distance), and the meal times provided excellent opportunities to socialise.


Accommodation was fairly expensive (~£210 per week), but that does include most meals. It is centrally located in london, so you can get to most places of interest just by walking, which is good because public transport is fairly expensive (£2.40 for a tube ride). Groceries are comparably priced to those in Australia. For me, the most expensive part of exchange was travelling; London is an excellent place to travel from, and you can get very cheap flights to most places in Europe from Luton or Stanstead airports.

Professional Development & Employability 

Exchange offered me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills; being out of my comfort zone with people I didn't previously know made me more open to others and their ideas.

Additionally, exchange reinforced my skills in planning; there is large amounts of planning involved in every aspect of exchange, e.g. finding some place to live for 6 months.


The highlight of my experience was living in the centre of one of the major cities of the world; being able to wander along the Thames seeing the sites, and experiencing the city anytime that I wanted as an incredible experience.

Top Tips

Make sure that you plan things like accommodation as early as possible. Budget appropriately - you'll end up spending more than you initially intended to, so take that into consideration. London is a fantastic city for free events and attractions, so make the most of it whilst you're there.