Travis - University of Nottingham

B Arts
Semester 1, 2016

Academic Experience

I studied two art history courses and a film and television course while on my exchange. I found it interesting that the UK academic system is a lot more competitive. Some of the challenges were trying to find a balance between studying, and exploring and participating in activities while on exchange. I found that going to study groups, and making the most of the universities facilities was helpful in overcoming this.

Personal Experience

During my exchange, I explored the Midlands and the North of England, as well as Wales and France. I learned a lot about becoming more independently and also adapting into different cultures. I also gained a group of fantastic friends, and unforgettable memories.


I lived in Willoughby Hall, which is a catered hall on the main campus. Living in halls on campus was one of my favourite aspects about my time at the University of Nottingham. Making friends is easy, and a genuine sense of community is developed when you live with other students, and without staying in halls, I wouldn't have met the people I now consider some of my best friends. Future students, definitely try to find catered accommodation on campus, it is definitely worth the extra money.


Rent in catered, on campus accommodation was around $4000. Food, entertainment, and travel were all slightly less expensive than in Queensland. After paying for my accommodation, I was able to live comfortably on $150 a week in catered halls. Some people were able to live on as little as $80 a week in catered halls. In self-catered halls, weekly expenses would be more like $200 - $250 a week. A budget of $10,000 for one semester would be more than enough to cover all expenses, and have money left over for further travel.

Professional Development & Employability 

I feel that as a result of my exchange experience, I have become far more independent, and also developed my communication skills with others in a more effective manner. I also believe that my exchange experience has helped me to deal with foreign and challenging situations more effectively, and given me a greater understanding of other cultures, and given me the opportunity to develop my knowledge of international affairs.


There were too many highlights to give a specific experience. Just exploring the UK with my new friends was an incredible experience as a whole, and my exchange was definitely one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Top Tips

Travel as much as possible, and involve yourself in as many activities as possible during your exchange. Get the most out of it!