Kotaro - Tulane University

Master of Business
Semester 1, 2017

Academic experience

4 courses I took: Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Management Strategy and Leadership. The main difference is the focus on participation, smaller classrooms and the small number of students. Personally, I felt that courses at UQ were a bit more difficult than ones in Tulane.

Personal experience

The takeaway from my experience: friendship, because of the small size of campus, classroom, and everything, I could easily make friends. We went to drinks and movies on every weekend and still keep in touch. We often went to PJ Coffee in the campus after classes.


I lived in a studio apartment in CBD which was around US$950/month. Dorm rooms tend to be unavailable for exchange students. Share-accommodation is another option but you'll need to be careful as they are generally unfurnished and some suburbs have safety issues.

Professional development and employability

I think that I could develop my communication skill. The first month of my Tulane was honestly uncomfortable because I was the only exchange student in every classroom and the other students were already friends from the last year. However, through participation and contribution in classes, I could gradually adapt myself to the new environment. At the end of my exchange, I did not want to leave there because of the friends I had and my positive feeling towards the environment.


The entrance to New Orleans Jazz Festival
The entrance to New Orleans Jazz Festival

The highlight is the city of New Orleans including Mardi Gras festival. New Orleans has many things to do. French Quarter and Garden districts are very beautiful. Mardi Gras is one of the three biggest festivals in the world. People get crazy in this festival season. Also, I helped New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival as a volunteer. I could see famous musicians such as Maroon 5 and Usher!

Top tips

  • I really like New Orleans. However, the city has some problems. I often got e-mails that reported crimes had happened around the campus. My Airbnb host that I stayed together until I found the accommodation said that some streets were unsafe.
  • Also, hurricanes are another issue for those coming in semester 2. 
  • Having said that, I am really satisfied what I experienced. New Orleans has many different things that make you surprised.


Kotaro - Tulane University