Lauren - Texas A&M University

B. Agribusiness
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

The courses I studied were: Introduction to Ag Economics, Marketing of Agricultural and Food Products, Marketing Research, Agribusiness Management and Agri Cooperatives.
I enjoyed the challenge of a different academic system the most. It was quite an experience being able to see how an international university operates.

Personal experience

I met so many amazing people and explored some awesome places. I developed so many personal skills and learnt so much about myself.


I lived on campus in residential housing, sharing a room with one other person. My advice to future students about housing is if you've never lived with someone other than your family, be open to trying the new experience of sharing with a complete stranger, have patience and understanding.


Cost wise it wasn't much different from here in Australia. Rent was cheaper than what our universities charge, food was reasonable, transport was mostly provided by TAMU and was free, entertainment and travelling were much the same as here. I recommend budgeting around $12,000USD.

Professional development and employability

Texas A&M
Texas A&M

Adaptability and communication skills were definitely the most important skills that I improved on whilst overseas, as well as other skills that improved my understanding and broaden my focus for my degree.


The highlight of my experience was, purely and simply, just being in Texas and attending Texas A&M University.

Top tips

  • Do your research!
  • Don't go there with fixed ideas in your head about how it's going to be, take everything as it comes and be flexible in your beliefs and ideas.
  • Know that everyone does things differently.
Lauren - Texas A&M University