Geonwoo - State University of New York at Stony Brook

B. Arts
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I mostly took courses in theatre arts and I really enjoyed it since Stony Brook University is closely located towards New York City that gives great opportunity to experience various Broadway musicals. As the academic system in the U.S is quite different from Australia by giving numbers of weekly assignments rather than huge tasks that take 30 or 40 % of the course, I could keep myself focusing on the courses on a regular basis. It could be a challenging system but I tried to organise my timetable very carefully so I can gain some more time for travelling.

Personal experience

Throughout the semester, I could gain great opportunity to meet students from various countries. Particularly, as most the of exchange students are not familiar with new environment and system, we could get to each other more easily by sharing personal information.


I lived on campus and I believe that the life living with friends is really exciting. As we lived close, we could meet whenever we want to meet. Also, I really enjoyed the unlimited meal plan that provides amazing foods until 3 a.m. We did not need to go far to get a cup of coffee or some snack, everything is in there!


To be honest, it really depends on how much you spend on shopping, entertainment and travel. The housing costs around $4,659 (U.S dollar) and the meal plan (Unlimited) costs $2,400.

Professional development and employability

Niagara Falls

I strongly believe that being positive is the most important attitude. During the program, there could be some problems regarding course registration, housing and so on. But it is really important to remember that there are always people who can help and support you.


In NYC, it is really interesting to walk around both Manhattan and Brooklyn and compare the difference between two cities. But personally, I enjoyed a lot to watch Broadway musicals. It's in the area of Times Square and all the musical theatres are closely located. Whereas Broadway musicals are really popular in the industry, it truly worth to experience the world's biggest and greatest shows.

Top tips

Student exchange was the best experience in my life. It is such a great opportunity to study and experience a different culture with new people and environment.

Geonwoo - State University of New York at Stony Brook