Yun-Chen - Northeastern University

B. Commerce
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I went on exchange in 2016 semester 2, which was a great timing to see the beautiful transition from Autumn to Winter in Boston. At that time, I was a second-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Accounting and was fortunate enough to be able to do my electives in Northeastern. The electives courses I chose were Negotiating in Business, Information Resource Management, Advertising Practices and Innovation. This was because I wanted to improve my negotiating skills as well as to see how do Americans organise and promote their businesses. The courses I took have no lectures but classes, which allowed better interaction between students and professors. Northeastern University focuses on weekly assignments instead of huge assessments, which forces one to stay on top of the contents and take the weight off one’s shoulders when it comes to final exam week.

Personal experience

Why Boston? Why Northeastern University?
I have to say going to an unfamiliar country exchange was the best decision I have ever made. Going on exchange opens up many avenues, such as friendships. I have seen, experienced, and learnt so much that I wouldn’t otherwise have. 
Boston is an amazing college town; it also has a great location to have a weekend trip to states nearby, such as New York City, Washington DC, Rhode Island, and Philadelphia...etc. The reason why I chose Northeastern is that it is located in the heart of Boston and Northeastern is famous for its co-op for their students, which is to work in a business full-time for a semester. Even though we couldn’t participate in the program, we can share and hear ideas and opinions from people who have worked in real companies.


Although it is slightly more expensive to live in dorms, it saves a lot of time from looking for houses and cooking...etc. Plus, living on campus would give you unlimited access to the gym and some dining dollar which allows you to buy things at some shops on and near the campus. I lived in East Village which is the newest on-campus accommodation for international, local and transfer students. I would recommend having the least amount of meal plans, which is 10 meals per week, and this is because you might want to eat out every now and then.

Professional development and employability

Charles River in Boston
Charles River in Boston

Due to the fact that my major is Accounting, I could not do any of the accounting courses during my exchange. However, many oral presentations and negotiations with classmates are required for my classes, it fortified my communication as well as public speaking skills.


One of the highlights of my exchange was the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was fortunate enough to be invited by my American roommate to experience the American Thanksgiving Dinner in New York.

Top tips

  • Plan in advance and travel before and after as well as during the semester break!
  • Don’t miss out the sports spirit! Go to Fenway Park for Boston Red Sox, TD Garden for Celtics and Matthews Arena for Northeastern Ice Hockey Game!
  • Join as many clubs as possible, be friends with people in classes and live near you. I have met lifelong friends from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Rebecca’s cafe is a great place to have a rest from the Dining Hall.
  • There are around $200 that comes along with the Husky Card (ID Card) which can be spent at some shops on and near the campus. Download NUGO app to help keep track on the dining dollar and meal swipes you have used.
  • For the people who are under the age of 21, don’t worry! There are plenty of fun events to do in Boston. Such as MixFest, Apple picking, Ice Skating at the Frog Pond or the City Hall. Remember to keep a close eye on events on Facebook because the tickets can sell out fast!
Yun-Chen - Northeastern University