Nic - Kansas State University

B. Journalism
Semester 2, 2015

Academic experience

I focused on PR courses mostly but also took a music course and a Journalism focused course. This allowed me to gain an understanding of how the changing PR industry is practised overseas. The academic system in America has a lot more homework than Australia, this was a challenge at times as I was always having to complete reaction papers to chapters I was reading!

Personal experience

I have always wanted to travel to the USA when considering exchange it was always at the top of my list. I never thought when I got there that I was going to have as stellar of a time as I did, solely because other exchange students weren't coping well or simply didn't have the same interests as me. However, after I settled in, the friendships I made are some of the best friendships I have and I cannot wait until I see them again! I developed a lot personally coming out of my shell, which you are forced to in the dorm environment. I explored many states across the USA, even exploring some with the close friends I made.


I lived on-campus in the dorms, this is a staple of American college culture and something I have always hoped I would experience. While the experience wasn't the wild 'American Pie' experience you expect, it was still the best possible environment for tertiary schooling as their always a social vibe, if you are stressed out and need to relax there is always someone available to hang out. I would highly suggest if you are going over knowing very few people that you are in a dorm together as it is a great place to make friends and mellow out after a busy day.


Honestly, if you are receiving assistance from Youth Allowance while you are there, you won't notice there being a budgeting problem, for me I did at times but that is because I have the travel bug and wanted to cover as much of the USA as I could. Food was included and transport was not needed most of the time as we walked, rent was very affordable compared to the rest of the USA.

Professional development and employability

Crossing one off the bucket list - Disney
Disney! Crossing one off the bucket list!

I learned a lot about time management that I didn't know, because of the increased weekly workload.


Exploring the outer areas and towns of the State of Kansas with my new-found American friends. It was amazing to learn an insight from locals and to also hear their reactions to what I thought.

Top tips

  • Don't panic if things don't go to plan, let it happen. However, always be as prepared as possible.
  • Most important though, get a bank account while you are there and a low-hour job. It's great to have a little extra income to be able to relax with.
  • Great for dorms is a CA job where you work the front desk of the living hall!
Nic - Kansas State University