Peter - University of Manchester

B Science
Semester 1, 2016

Academic Experience

I studied three third year and three second year biomedical science courses while on exchange. A full time study load is six subjects in Manchester. Studying was quite different at the University of Manchester as the majority of my courses had finals weighted at least 90% of the course grade. Furthermore the third year courses’ exams were in essay format. Compared to the facilities at UQ I was not impressed by the practical component of the anatomy course I studied and it impressed upon me how lucky UQ’s anatomy students are. Other than the anatomy course none of my other courses had practical components, tutorials or workshops and were solely lecture based. All of the third year courses I studied finished lectures roughly half way through the semester, as the local students had to write dissertations, the exams for these subjects were still at the end of the semester.

Personal Experience

Manchester was a great place to live as it is a major city with great connections all over the UK and a major airport flying to Europe. This allowed me to travel, travel and travel! I knew no one going into my trip and so had the opportunity to make friends and push myself into new experiences and situations. I joined the University’s water polo team and I would highly recommend joining a sporting team as this broadened my friendship circle immediately. I travelled with new friends and also alone, backpacking alone may not be for everyone, but I think it was an extremely valuable introspective experience full of personal skill development opportunities.


I lived in University Halls at the Fallowfield campus. This is where the majority of first year students live and the vast majority of older students live in the surrounding area. Therefore, I highly recommend living in the Fallowfield area. I lived in Owens Park and would recommend either this or Oak House as accommodation options depending whether you want catered or non-catered. Living in halls made making friends very easy, however I did hear of some stories where exchange students in Oak House did not get along at all with the other seven students in their flat. The Fallowfield campus has an onsite bar called ‘Squirrels’ which is a great place to buy a cheap pint and enjoy live screenings of the football, it also hosts regular comedy nights, quiz nights and other events.


Manchester was definitely a cheaper option than London, however in saying this exchange was very expensive. For me it was a once in a life time opportunity and worth every cent.

Professional Development & Employability 

I think that exchange has made me a much more confident person particularly in social situations. It forces you to meet new people and be comfortable in situations where you know nothing and no one.


The highlight of going on exchange was the opportunity to travel Europe, my strongest advice is to travel as much of Eastern Europe as possible. These countries have more opportunities for you to ‘get off the beaten track’ and feel properly foreign.

Top Tips

Do it! Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Make the extraordinary last minute plans and look for the fun in every moment.