Jessica - Boston College

B. Business Management / Arts
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I took a combination of Marketing and Communication subjects at Boston College. The academic system is quite different to the one at UQ, generally, most classes are set out in tutorial format with the occasional course having large lectures. Because of the small classes, discussion was a large part of the course, with it sometimes making up 25% of your grade. While this was a bit of a challenge to force myself to contribute significantly to each class, I think that it helped me build up my confidence to comfortably speak and contribute to classes.

Personal experience

What I gained most from my exchange were the friendships that I made. I now know the best people from all over the world and had the best time travelling with them. Throughout the semester, I went to New York (which is only a 4-hour bus ride away), Washington DC, Vermont, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Texas to name a few.


I lived off-campus due to the limited space for exchange students to live on-campus. It can be a little tricky to arrange where you will be staying but Boston College does provide you with a site to reach out to other students who are in the same position looking for accommodation. I loved living off-campus as it gave me more freedom and I didn't have to buy a meal plan which can be very expensive.


Boston is a bit of an expensive city, however, if you have a budget you can make it work. Living off-campus saved me money as it was cheaper than on-campus accommodation and I wasn't required to buy a meal plan (which can cost up to US$2,500). Making your own meals definitely helps to save money, but I probably spent between $10,000 and $15,000. It also depends on how much you want to travel and how good the exchange rate is at the time.

Professional development and employability

Boston College
Boston College

At Boston College, I was able to take courses that weren't available to me at UQ, which allowed me to gain different insights into marketing than what I would be able to gain from UQ. Boston College also has the 3rd best business school in the US and gave me access to some of the best professors and resources.


Its hard to pinpoint a specific highlight because it was all so great, but probably being able to travel during the semester and experience the American culture at its best.

Top tips

Go for it! it can be daunting to think about but you will have the best time and make so many good memories and great friendships.

Jessica - Boston College