Edward - Arizona State University

B. Commerce and Economics
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I studied three general electives and two economics electives. The economic electives were the Study of Latin America Economy and the Study of economics in South Asia. ASU provided a great working environment with specialised teachers in the economic field. Both of my economic teachers had practical experience. The greatest thing about studying in America is that it is more similar to school. There are more homework tasks and fewer big exams. If you are able to stay on top of the workload, you will have all weekend off and if you are lucky a long weekend.

Personal experience

The reason I decided to travel to America was to experience the American College lifestyle. I got to experience that at ASU and was lucky enough to have three great roommates (all Americans). Arizona is a really beautiful place and there is plenty to do outside. The mountains and hikes are fantastic and if you get the opportunity to go camping I highly recommend it. The greatest thing about exchange was my roommates and meeting other exchange students. ASU is a very easy place to meet people and the Americans love having you around and including you in anything they are doing.


I lived off-campus. Living off-campus had its ups and downs but for me personally, I enjoyed the freedom a lot more. I still lived in a college community called the Cottages of Tempe and they shuttled us off to Mill Ave and to Campus regularly. The thing I enjoyed the most about living at the Cottages was the community aspect of it and also the more relaxed security guards. The advice I would give to students coming to ASU would be to do your research and ask around. Campus living can be good and convenient. Find out what is around your area and how far you are away from things you need i.e. grocery stores and the nightlife.


Telluride, a mining town
Telluride, a mining town

ASU is not a cheap place to go to school. Rent can be expensive and I was paying around $1000 a month just on rent. Transport isn't the greatest but you can work around, uber and the light rail are your best bets. ASU also provides a free shuttle to downtown if you are wanting to go see a basketball game. I did a lot of travelling in the states and flights aren't cheap unless you get lucky with your dates or are very flexible. You can fly cheaply to Colorado, Vegas, San Diego and Texas. I spent throughout my 6months $20K on everything. You could do it a lot cheaper but you are still looking at $15,000 easily.

Professional development and employability

Through my exchange experience, I developed better communication skills and a different way to learn. They teach you at ASU to stay on top of your subjects and you get rewarded for doing so. ASU gave me a greater understanding of the global economy and I got to learn about two regions (Latin America and South Asia) that I would never have had access to studying.


The highlight of my experience was going and spending Thanksgiving with my cousins in Colorado. It is maybe the most beautiful place in the world that I have been to, only really comparing to the Whitsundays. Being with friends and family constantly and having a more active social life made my exchange so worthwhile.

Top tips

The number one tip would be to go on exchange. It will be the best thing you do at university. It doesn't matter where you go just go, don't worry about the money and the time away from home. If you have the opportunity to do it you owe it to yourself to go. The only other tip I would give would be to do research. Look at places that you think will suit you, ask friends who have been to those places.

Edward - Arizona State University