Amaris - University of Saskatchewan

B. Exercise and Sport Science
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

I studied KIN223, KIN233, KIN321, KIN380 and SOC242. One of the biggest challeneges I faced in my whole exchange was finding subjects to study at my host university. I wish someone had told me that in Canada, HMNS is called kinesiology! The Canadian university education system is actually quite different to that of UQ, with smaller class sizes, different exam and assignment structure and more professor involvement. What I enjoyed most was the smaller class sizes and deeper academic involvement with my class peers. Despite this, another challenge I faced was the number of exams I had to sit, kinesiology in Canada consists of more exams than assignments and with five exams in a ten day period, I struggled a lot.

Personal experience

I have gained so much from this experience and I would strongly recommend that everyone go one exchange. I have made countless friendships that will last a lifetime and learnt so much about other people and their cultures. Thought my time at the U of S I have explored a great deal of Western Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia), seen the northern lights and experienced my first snow (and the first time in -30 degrees Celsius). I believe this experience has helped me to grow into a better student and person, I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities.


I lived in Seager Wheeler Hall, which is on campus residence. I lived with five roommates who all brought their individual cultures to our living area. I lived with two Spanish girls from the Basque Country, a German girl, a Chinese girl and a girl who had moved from Nigeria to study. I met almost all of my best friends from my exchange in this building and I would recommend to anyone going on exchange to either live on residence or make sure you get roommates who are students as well. Living in residence gave me such a great experience and being only two floors below all my friends was seriously convenient.


All in all I spent about $8000 on my trip. This included transport, rent in residence, all my grocery shopping (and eating out), travel around Sask, Alberta and BC as well as my university student fees.

Professional development and employability

Crowd at U of S Huskies Football match
Crowd at U of S Huskies Football match

A few things that have contributed to my professional development is definitely a greater understanding of people and where they come from. I have met so many people and gained so much perspective from their experiences and I believe that this will help me to be a better health care professional in the future. What's more, I have experienced a number of programmes in place here that we do not have at home that have inspired me to keep going with my degree and help people in exercise and sport.


The highlight of my experience was definitely anything that I did with all my new friends. From attending the first football game of the year together (Canadian football) to exploring nearby national parks and lakes to packing into a tiny car and driving six hours for Thanksgiving near the Rocky Mountains, to cramming for finals together and watching hockey every Friday and Saturday night. I have had the most amazing time meeting incredible people and exploring this beautiful part of the world with them.

Top tips

My only advice is just to do it. Get out there, see the world and make friends from all over the place. This has easily been the best experience of my life and I would recommend everyone do it.

Amaris - University of Saskatchewan