Harriet - University of Birmingham

B Business Management/ B International Hotel & Tourism Management
Semester 2, 2016

Academic Experience

I studied a range of subjects including business courses which related to my degree but I also had the opportunity to study German, Russian politics and world history. I really enjoyed actually going to university, the lecture rooms are always full and the lecturers made it really fun e.g. on a friday 4-6pm lecture, the lecturer would hand out chips and beers!

The struggles were a bigger task load, you were expected to do a lot more study and homework for tutorials, I just had to focus a lot harder and form study friends.

Personal Experience

From the exchange I have developed great friends from around the world, you do not just meet people from your host university but also in your travels. I have explored some pretty crazy places and have found myself in places where no one will speak english and you have no idea where you are.


I lived on campus, I loved how friendly everyone is, during the first few weeks everyone would just talk to each other and make as many friends as possible. It was nice not having to worry about cooking and cleaning and just being able to go and grab dinner with my flatmates.

I would recommend living on campus as it's well worth the costs and I would think about what really matters to you e.g. do you need an ensuite or would you rather spend the money on travelling?


Birmingham as a city wasn't too expensive, I lived on campus and had my rent and food combined in my accommodation and found that to be reasonable ($3000AUD). As I lived on campus there was no need to catch transport to university.

Going out in Birmingham was extremely cheap and nowhere near the prices of Brisbane. Travel to other cities (London) was fairly expensive could range between £10-60 for one way or return.

Professional Development & Employability

I am able to be more aware and it has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn in a different environment.


Meeting all the amazing people in both my studies and on my travels. The highlight was definitely travelling around Europe, everything is so close together and it makes it easy to travel around to heaps of different countries.

Top Tips

Definitely do it!! Do not worry about the money, it will be worth every cent. Be as optimistic as possible in meeting new people and try to make friends with people you wouldn't normally.