Chase - University of Birmingham

B Engineering/ B Commerce
Semester 2, 2016

Academic Experience

I studied five engineering and one commerce course while on exchange. Two courses on structural engineering, one on geotechnical engineering, two on fluid mechanics and a course on supply chain management. I found the courses quite similar to UQ. The lecturers were great and very helpful however the tutorials were much larger than the ones at UQ. I also found that the exams were marked quite differently. A lot of subjects had 100% exams and were very difficult to get above 70%. However the pass mark was only 40%. I also found that the sign on process was very different. Rather than the online process we have, everything was done in person. Timetables were not released until the first day of classes so I had to be quite proactive in organising which courses I could take.

Personal Experience

This exchange was a great experience. As well as experiencing another university I had the opportunity to meet so many different people and see so many places. My exchange was three months so I had the opportunity to travel for three months before and after my exchange started. I was able to see so much of Europe in this time. I was also able to go on weekend trips around England most weekends while on exchange as there were companies that organised trips for international students through the university. It was such a rear experience and I had the opportunity to meet great people


I lived on campus while on exchange. I found that it was much easier to meet people and get involved this way as almost all students lived on campus. It was also very close to the city so it was easy to get around. If I were to do it again I would live on campus. I think it makes the whole process much less stressful and more enjoyable.


I would recommend budgeting around $15,000. I found most things to be slightly more expensive than Australia. If you are planning on doing a lot of travelling I would reccomend budgeting for more than you expect to spend as you don't want to be stressing about money your whole trip.

Professional Development & Employability 

I think this exchange has contributed greatly to my organisational skills. Being able to organise yourself in another country where you know no one is a challenge.


I think the highlight of my exchange was meeting people from all over the world. I have made so many friendships that i hope will last a long time

Top Tips

Do as much traveling as possible. Everything is so close and you may not have the opportunity again. budget as much as possible and get to all the places you want to see while you are so close