Daniel - Queen's University

B. Business Management / Arts
Semester 1, 2017

Academic experience

At Queens University, I only studied Business Courses consisting of Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications, Interpersonal Skills for Managers, and Managerial Statistics (which was used as a filler course).
I found that the experiences I had in my two marketing subjects were some of the greatest educational experiences I've had in University, I learnt so much and was able to actively engage in the content that was being taught. Both courses revolved around active cases, where we would engage and communicate with the professors, clients and contacts and would work on solutions for them. In Marketing Strategy, we worked on a not for profit national organization that was looking for an expansion after receiving $25Million in funding. And In Marketing Communication we worked on, a plan for the launch of a new car service in Canada for general motors as part of a competition. These learning experiences required hard work but it was very rewarding.

Personal experience

Coming out of exchange I honestly can't wait to get travelling again. I now have friends all over Australia and across the world that I want to visit. Living among people from so many places was amazing, I now know how to cheers in about 8 different languages and just feel like I have just so much more cultural knowledge. The great thing about going with other exchange students is that they are always keen to do something, so we went on a lot of weekend trips and holidays things like that, so we got to see plenty of Canada while we were there and I'm glad. One of our group, had a family farmhouse in the south of Quebec, which proved to be one of the most amazing experiences, as we got to experience the wilderness in this remote area, surrounded by mountains and forests.


I lived on-campus in the Residence dorms, I enjoyed living here as it was a cool and clean environment and I lived with some of the most amazing people. However, I would seriously recommend future students to consider living off-campus in town. As the Residence that they put exchange students in, West Campus, is away from the main student areas, downtown and the campus, and it does make it feel quite isolated. Especially as almost all the students live less than 5 mins walking distance from downtown and the campus. While West Campus is about 20mins walk from the Main campus, and 30mins from downtown. The buses are free for students and quite regular, but it does add an extra barrier to doing things.


Road trip to Niagara Falls
Roadtrip to Niagara Falls

Living in Residence was an expensive option as I came to find out, as the entire 4 months cost about $3600 to live there, compared to living off-campus which would have had rents which would have been at least $1000 cheaper for that time. Food was cheap if you shopped well or had a reasonable meal plan for the dining hall. Public transport is free for students and there's plenty of things to see and do while you are hanging out in Kingston. Travelling around in North America is very expensive, however, as flights can be several hundreds of dollars, and I do advise getting a carry-on bag for travel as airlines love to charge for checked baggage.

Professional development and employability

The coursework that I was engaged in granted me with a passion for my major that I didn't have beforehand and I believe that this will serve me well in my future studies. As well as in my career as it has given me a direction to strive for. Also being thrown in the deep-end and not knowing anybody on exchange forced me to learn how to network and deal with new environments that I don't have often here.


I loved the entire, small college town vibe of the place. Everything was much more relaxed and chilled out compared to the big cities of North America, or Brisbane that I'm used to. The way that everything was so available and friendly was really nice and I'm glad I've had that experience because I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to live in a place like that again.

Top tips

  • Definitely do it.
  • Make sure to save up enough money so you can take every opportunity to travel or do something fun.
  • Make sure you are prepared for the Weather, the Canadian winter was a little bit of a shock to me.
Daniel - Queen's University