Nicola - University of Bath

B Chemical Engineering/ B Business Management
Semester 1, 2016

Academic Experience

I studied HR courses. The University of Bath offered much smaller classes compared to UQ, which meant you got strong one on one time with the lecturers. The calibre of lecturers at the uni was phenomenal, they were all top experts in the HR and business fields and despite the face that all I needed was a pass, I found myself working harder than I ever had at home because the content I was learning was fantastic. Working closely with lecturers also meant that they were more flexible when it came to presenting assignments or exams, and I actually had a few that let me reschedule presentations so that I could travel to France for ANZAC day!

Personal Experience

I visited 14 countries this year, so the travel is definitely the highlight. So is just getting to live in a different location with different food, drink, activities etc.


I lived in Thornbank gardens off campus. There was about 7 ensuite rooms sharing one kitchen, which was cleaned twice a week. Although I loved having my own bathroom, and the location was fantastic, it was mainly masters students, rather than exchange students. The other accomodations available at Bath are possibly a little more social, but really it is what you make it. Thornbank probably had the best location in terms of access to public transport and the shops


England is expensive. Bus trips to uni were about 2 pounds each way, but I tended to walk up and down because the views were so spectacular along the canal and over the fields. Food is about the same as home, and travel on planes is very cheap. A return train to london was about 40 pounds

Professional Development & Employability 

Empathy towards those from other countries. We all have our own trials and tribulations depending on where we come from, and the more you try to learn from others the better your exchange experience will be.


Making friends from all over the world.

Top Tips

GO ON EXCHANGE. It is the best thing you will ever do in your life.

Nicola - University of Bath