Sara - Lund University

B Engineering/ B Economics
Semester 1, 2015

Academic Experiences

I took an engineering course, an SAS course (they're made for exchange kids and are generally quite easy and only run for a few weeks) and two economics courses. Usually there's two 2hr classes for each course per week. Classes only run for a term though. I didn't have any scheduled classes for my engineering project course (MMK150) and the teachers were very laid back and helpful. The two economics courses I took (Industrial Organisation and Macroeconomic Analysis) were hard but passable. The lectures were long and the classes were quite small, which I found different to back home.

Personal Experiences

I managed to explore a lot of places whilst on exchange in Sweden such as; Norway, Finnish Lapland, Poland, Iceland, Amsterdam, Tallinn and of course Sweden. There are so many cheap flights everywhere make sure to always keep an eye on the budget airlines, you'll become a regular to CPH airport. Whilst studying here there is also the option to take Swedish as a class, it's pretty chill and it's good to be able to know a few words and sayings in the local language. 

Keep in mind the amount of events that are organised for exchange students! Whilst this is great to get to know fellow exchange students it does make it harder to make friends with Swedes. If you want to meet Swedes stay in a Swedish corridor, make friends with them in class and work at the nations.


I stayed in a Swedish corridor in Ulrikedal. I really enjoyed it, all the swedes were very welcoming and there's only 8 people in a corridor which makes it easy to get to know everyone. Ulrikedal is a little south of the city centre but I still found it quite easy to get everywhere I needed to go. 

Everything in Lund is really close, the longest you would ever have to walk for is 30mins. I wouldn't recommend staying on the west side of the train line (Vildanden or Bautestenen) they are far away from everything.


I found most things in Sweden to be pretty similar to Australia cost wise. There are very minimal transport costs, you can walk everywhere but a bike makes things a lot easier, I would budget around $100 for a bike. My total rent was 14,140sek.

The student nations offer great lunches, dinners and brunches for around $6 each, so depending on how much you want to 'eat out' your food costs could be very small or large. It's also possible, and really fun, to work at the student nations and this way you get free food! Most student nation entrance fees are around $10. 

One thing I didn't budget for was trips during semester. You have a lot more free time in Lund than at UQ which makes it possible to go away and see more of Sweden and surrounding places.

Academic Development and Employability 

I feel like attending Lund as an exchange student has widened my eyes to so many different things. The way things are taught in Lund have changed my ideas about learning. The smaller class sizes are very different to UQ and in some ways more helpful. I also think meeting so many other people from such a wide range of countries has made me more tolerant and understanding. It's great to learn new things and new ways of doing stuff from such a diverse group of people.


I think the whole student life in Lund was one of my favourite things about coming here. The student nations are great, there is always something on that you can go to.I really enjoyed working at the nations and I would highly recommend doing so. It doesn't matter which nation you join you can work and participate in events of any nation.T

hey organise hikes once the weathers warmer and if you come during spring semester you have to do Tandem! It is the absolute best! It is a bus trip up to Goteborg so that you can then race back to Lund on a tandem bike, with lots of parties and pit stops and very little sleep along the way.

Top Tips

Go on exchange!!! It's so much fun! You get to meet so many new and different people and participate in so many things you wouldn't usually get a chance to do.  Try and get to local festivals and events.