Liang-Chuan - Tsinghua University

Academic experience

I studied a range of civil engineering courses and it was a joy to be able to study them at Tsinghua University. The academic systems are slightly different as there is homework that is due every week and the final tests ask different styles of questions in comparison to tests at UQ. A major challenge I faced was being able to know what is required for the assessments and I am glad to say that all Tsinghua students are very friendly and would love to help you out.

Personal experience

I have personally gained many best friends through this trip, explored various areas of China including Mongolia, Shanghai and Luo Yang. All exchange students at Tsinghua University are very open-minded and very easy to make friends with. Through the trip, I have bonded with many of them and we still keep regular contact up until today. I have become much better at Chinese and also finding my way around unfamiliar cities. It is an experience I will never regret.


I lived on-campus and experienced college life at Tsinghua University. I would suggest for students to join the "WeChat" (app) group of the particular building and buy second-hand items from people living in the building. It is much cheaper that way and hopefully, you can make a friend or two. Living off-campus is much more expensive and I would not recommend it.

Professional development and employability

I have become much better at communicating with people from all kinds of background. It is incredibly interesting to learn and understand people from across the world and is definitely a very important skill to possess for your future career.


The highlight of my experience was when I was given the opportunity to go to Luo Yang during my break. It was amazing to see a less developed area of China and see what the lifestyle is like.The city is very ancient and has a lot of culture hidden among the various attractions.

Top tips

  • I would advise students to plan ahead everything you can do in Brisbane before going.
  • When you arrive at the exchange location, make sure you keep an open mind about everything and thoroughly experience the culture of the country.
  • When you are stumped by something, make sure you ask fellow classmates to help you out. Exchange is an experience you will never regret.
Liang-Chuan - Tsinghua University