Alyce - Sophia University

B. Environmental Management / Diploma of Language
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

At Sophia, I only took units towards my diploma so I took intensive Japanese 1. This course ran every day for 3 hours and had daily quizzes for kanji or grammar. Homework sheets were issued daily for the topics covered and this workload was demanding at times, especially when there were larger assessments, but still manageable. Teachers were very supportive and the overall class was very enjoyable.

Personal experience

Living in Japan for 6 months; there was much opportunity to travel especially as the public transport is well connected and efficient. I experienced many different cultural aspects compared to those in Australia and visited many places. In university, it was easy to make friends due to the clubs and circles culture, in which both Japanese and other exchange students take part. This also provided many opportunities to practice language skills in addition to those used in everyday situations


I lived off campus in an apartment. The best thing about this was the location and short travel time to university compared to the dorms provided by the University. The only downside to this was having less opportunity to meet other students or opportunity to speak in Japanese at home.


I think this really depends on how much you plan to travel as this is probably going to be where most expenses will be. 

Professional development and employability

If I pursue a career in Japan, then definitely language skills and a better understanding of Japanese culture and society. In general, I have obtained a better sense of independence, self-growth and responsibility.


Making friends from all around the world! We had plenty of fun times together, visited new places, and will hopefully see each other again someday. Also, the shopping in Tokyo is fantastic.

Top tips

Do it! And go for a whole year because half just isn't long enough and goes really quickly. Especially if it's for language studies, as the first semester usually contained a lot of overlap with my previous studies. I feel the first semester is good for getting to a base level and the second semester really would have built on it.

Alyce - Sophia University