Mira - University of Sussex

B Science
Semester 1, 2014

Academic Experiences

At Sussex I studied psychology primarily. I did a first year psychology course, two 3rd year psychology courses and a first year anthropology course. 
I found that there were a lot fewer contact hours than at UQ and for the 3rd year psychology courses I did there was no lecture for the subjects, only tutorial-style classes which I found very different.  There is also a lot less assessment. Two of my courses only had one essay as assessment for the whole course which put a lot of pressure on doing well on those essays. The instructions for the essays were a lot more ambiguous than what I am used to at UQ. They don't provide much guidance apart from the essay questions.

Personal Experiences

I made a lot of friends at Sussex and loved Brighton as a town.  I did a lot of travelling before and after my exchange so I didn't travel around the UK much, but I did visit Leeds and London during semester which was a lot of fun.


I lived on Campus in Park Village. I really liked the social aspect of living on campus and the proximity of all my classes. 
I wouldn't recommend Park Village as the flats don't have a communal area but I still had an amazing time, and would choose it over living off campus. The housing I would recommend would be Norwich House and Brighthelm.

Academic Development and Employability

I've experienced a different teaching and academic style which I think will help my academic development. My psychology seminar leaders were also researchers in their fields at Sussex which made learning about the topics even more interesting and insightful.


Nights out either in Brighten or at the campus bar with the friends I made on exchange were the highlight of my experience at Sussex. Travelling around Europe before and after my exchange was also an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Top Tips

Travel before and/or after your exchange if you can. Since England is so close to the rest of Europe I highly recommend taking advantage of this and seeing as much of Europe as you can.