Ying - University of Bath

B Commerce
Semester 1, 2014

Academic Experience

Actually I took five courses in University of Bath, and they are all management courses, which are different from courses I took at UQ (i.e. accounting courses). They are all interesting and beneficial courses, but I have two pieces of advice for you if you take the exchange semester at University of Bath. Firstly, I would definitely recommend Human resource management course to you! It is quite interesting and useful for your future career development! At the same time, I took economics of strategy 2 for this semester. If you haven't taken the economics of strategy 1 or had any basic economics knowledge, it will be a little bit confusing to take this further level!

Personal Experience

University of Bath really provides opportunities for exchange students to know each other. There will be a welcome lunch in the town, which is a great opportunity for you to meet exchange students from different universities and different countries. When it comes to traveling, I have to say that the UK is definitely a great country! Actually during my exchange semester, I visited almost every famous city in the UK. And they gave me different experiences. So if you are going to the UK for exchange, you must visit different cities for different experiences! Take London for example, it's really a great big city! Because it was a winter semester, I went to Hyde Park for the christmas market, which is really awesome!


During my exchange semester, I lived in Carpenter house, which is exactly in the city centre. I would definitely recommend Carpenter House if you just take one semester exchange. Carpenter House is just 2 minutes’ walk from bus station and railway station. If you want to go to the university or do any traveling, it will be quite convenient! Supermarkets like Sainsbury or Tesco are just near this accommodation. However, Carpenter House doesn't provide any ensuite rooms. If you don't like to share bathroom with other students, Carpenter house is not your choice.


For the accommodation, Carpenter House costs me about 103 pounds each week including everything. If you have a lower budget, I would recommend PC accommodation for you, which costs like 85 pounds per week, but PC is a little bit away from the bus station.

When it comes to food, I have to say that if you cook by yourself, it will save you a lot of money! There will be a market near M&S every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you want to save money on food, just go to the market instead of supermarket. Because you have to take a bus to university, I would recommend you to buy a 20 journey ticket, which is better than a term 1 pass. A 20 journey ticket will cost like 16 pounds, while a term 1 pass will cost 90 pounds. In addition, if you are under 25, just grab 16-25 railcards; it will save you a lot when you buy the rail ticket.

Professional Development & Employability

I think the exchange semester really helps a lot! Because my major at UQ is accounting, the exchange semester is all about management courses, which helps me to learn more. For example, the course human resource management helps to better understand the employment process. Also, the course about economics tells me why the company or the country take this policy to influence economics situations.


A highlight must be my traveling during the exchange semester! I recommend London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff for your traveling plans! My favourite city is Edinburgh, which is totally different from the capital, London. If you have to give Edinburgh a colour, I have to say that it is black! If you go there for traveling near the Christmas, there will have a lot of celebration events!

Top Tips

The only advice I can give to other students is choosing your courses carefully!