Lily - The University of Hong Kong

B. Science and Commerce
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

While abroad I studied third year science courses. This proved challenging at times as I didn't have some of the assumed knowledge - specifically maths. The courses I did seemed to put greater focus on calculations and practical work rather than theory, which I found quite different to UQ. Also with assessment there was much less information on what kind of questions/ material would be examined. Overall these were only small challenges and it was easy enough to survive in HKU's academic system.

Personal experience

Hong Kong has so much to do and it's super easy to explore! There was never a lack of events or day trips. Highly recommend checking out the islands such as Lamma, Lantua and Cheung Chau, going camping on a Sai Kung beach and getting through the endless list of hikes such as Lion's Rock, Dragon's Back and up to the city's peak lookout. Also look out for festivals/ events going on at Victoria Harbour. Clockenflap music festival is on at the end of November if you're going for UQ sem 2!


I stayed at Pokfield Road Residences which was an off campus student accommodation. It was under construction the whole semester - but hopefully that means its looking fresh as now! This seems to be where most UQ exchange students end up. It's not the nicest or most social place but it's super cheap (it cost me about $1000aud for the semester, some people pay this much for a month's rent) and only 10 minutes walk from university so I highly recommend. Also you're almost guaranteed to be sharing a room wherever you go, but they seem to put exchange students together and it's really not a problem.


As I said rent was about $1000 for the semester. Transport with the student MTR was about 50 cents - $1. Eating out isn't as cheap as I was expecting and I'd be spending upward of $15 on meals, luckily the uni campus has some cheap lunch deals (around $5) and if you get desperate frozen dumplings are dirt cheap. Cheap flights were released on Tuesday morning by Pacific fanfare (Cathay Pacific), but Hong Kong generally had cheap flights so look out for weekend trips into China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore or SE Asia.

Professional development and employability

I definitely learnt to be adaptive. It's a different kind of living. There's a huge mix of cultures (don't worry about language being a problem, you can easily get by with English) and it's literally a jungle of stairs, escalators and elevators. But it quickly becomes home!


Experiencing Hong Kong was my absolute highlight of this exchange. This city is honestly amazing.

Top tips

My top tip - GO TO HONG KONG.

Lily - The University of Hong Kong