Meng-Ting - The University of Hong Kong

B. Education (Primary)
Semester 1, 2017

Academic experience

I organised my electives to be studied in the semester that I go on exchange, therefore giving myself a lot of options to choose in the host university. What I enjoyed the most from studying under a different academic system was the smaller tutorials (10-15 people in a tutorial). One of the challenges that I experienced was navigating a new online learning platform e.g. I experienced difficulty in finding out where to sign up for classes. UQ’s pass or fail requirement for courses meant exchange students would not have to worry too much about the grades.

Personal experience

The most rewarding things that I have gained from the exchange were the friendships that I developed with others, both local and non-local students; the unforgettable memories that we shared; and the trips that we went on, all around Hong Kong and even overseas as well. The tourist attractions, the places known only to the locals, the food and the culture are just some of the amazing things I got to experience. Living in Hong Kong for a period of time and befriending locals, allowed me to easily pick up on the basic common phrases in Cantonese and some of the unique expressions which give some insight into their culture.


I lived on-campus at Starr hall. What I enjoyed most about my accommodation were the hall events e.g. high table dinners, concerts and sports competitions that really encouraged hall residents to get to know each other and support their friends. Living in a hall creates good opportunities to make friends with local and non-local students and learn more about their culture. The close proximity (5-minute walk) between my hall and HKU was a really good bonus! The nearby MTR station was very convenient and opened till late. I strongly recommend future exchange students to apply for on-campus accommodation to really immerse in the local culture and make more friends.


Rent, food, transport and entertainment were generally cheaper in Hong Kong compared to Australia. There were also a lot of food options on campus. However, more budget should be allocated to travel such as overseas trips because students will make more friends and will likely go on unplanned trips with them.

Professional development and employability

Being in a different country and meeting people who have different cultures and backgrounds, helped me develop my sense of awareness for global issues.


The highlight of my experience was the dim sum that my friends and I ate at 3 am and the night adventures.

Top tips

  • Pack light as you will probably buy a lot of things in Hong Kong
  • Apply for Student Octopus card from your faculty at your host university as soon as possible because it can be used on transportation and for purchasing things in many shops
  • Attend as many events as possible that are on offer at HKU e.g. weeks of welcome, cultural nights, day trip to interesting places, and movie/documentary screenings
  • Definitely travel!
Meng-Ting - The University of Hong Kong