Mark - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B. Business / B. Arts
Semester 1, 2015

Academic experience

UQ requires you to take 5 courses when on exchange and it all depends on what courses you take whether this is easier or tougher than the UQ workload. I found that the work was much easier to complete than at UQ however as I had many group assessments and weekly reports I found it to be very time-consuming. As I am studying International Business I tried to take courses on a wide variety of International topics, however, the sign-on system is very problematic and many courses were cancelled without notice. Be prepared to throw your study plan out the window!! The courses that I managed to undertake were MGNT 4510 China Business, MGNT 4530 Japanese Business, MGNT 4570 Global Entrepreneurship, MGNT 4620 Analysis of Management Topics and MKTG 3050 Global Marketing Management.
These courses turned out to be very interesting and the main difference I found studying at CUHK is that they encouraged class participation a lot more than UQ. Although the local students are quite shy and timid, after a few weeks each class opened up into a lot of interesting debates (mainly due to a lot of international students getting involved)

View from the peak
View from the peak

Personal experience

The exchange taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to make friends from all around the world. I needed to quickly adapt to a new situation without my original friends and family and learnt how to make friends and experience this wonderful country with. I couldn't speak a word of the language so I had to overcome the language barrier but most of the local students could speak English and this was very valuable for getting around. 
There was around 300 international students from all around the world and this allowed me to meet many new people and make friends for life. Whether it was hiking, exploring, eating, partying or anything, there was always a friendly face willing to try these new things with you and I really enjoyed that aspect of the exchange.
The Peak was a beautiful place to visit to see the entire breathtaking city view and there were many national parks to go hiking and swimming and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The city is extremely populated so it was nice to have this time away from the hustle and bustle


I lived on campus and I'm extremely glad I did. The entire campus is accessible by bus and is very close to the MTR which allowed you to travel anywhere in Hong Kong. I stayed at Morningside College which is one of the newer colleges but is also the smallest. This was perfect for me as it allowed me to gain a tight-knit friendship group that you could call on at all times. 
The entire cost of accommodation for the semester was around 8000HKD which is exactly how much you would pay per month if you decided to stay off campus. This price also included a meal plan for 3 nights per week, however, I must be honest and say that I didn't eat there too much as the food wasn't great! 
Morningside is probably the closest college to the MTR which made it easy to go exploring the city whenever I felt like it. The view from my room was outstanding and each day I was amazed at the beautiful sunset behind the river and mountains.
You can't go wrong whichever college you choose to stay at as the entire campus is beautiful and easily accessible by bus or walking


I found the day to day expenses such as food and transport to be extremely cheap. The octopus card is fantastic as you can pay for nearly everything with the one card! This includes transport, food and more! Entertainment such as bars and clubs I found to be quite expensive so if that's what you're into then prepare to save a lot! Travelling from HK to other parts of Asia was very cheap and easily accessible and I would recommend visiting a few other countries while you're there!

Skyline at night
Skyline at night

Professional development and employability

Learning to interact and work with people from a variety of countries and cultures has allowed me to see how different everyone can be and will benefit me in my future endeavours. Making friends from all different countries has opened up a world of possibilities and networking opportunities for the future!


The contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city and the peace and calm of the hiking trails and nature reserves. It feels like you have entered a completely new planet and allows you to see views that are absolutely unforgettable. The Hong Kong skyline was very impressive

Top tips

  • Expect your study plan to change... A LOT!
  • Go there with an open mind and you will find some amazing experiences that will last a lifetime 
  • Interact with the locals! They are very shy at the beginning but once you get to know them they are some of the nicest people I have ever met!
Mark - The Chinese University of Hong Kong