Ryan - Imperial College London

B Engineering
Semester 2, 2015 & Semester 1, 2016

Academic Experience

Studying at Imperial afforded me the opportunity to study the controversial subject of Nuclear Engineering. It broadened my perspectives and opinions about a low carbon future. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Pilot Plant Project which is a Full-sized carbon capture pilot plant in the middle of the campus - check this out: 


The greatest challenge was filling in the knowledge gaps in some courses as they run their BEngg differently.

Personal Experience

Invaluable friendships, experiences ... the list is really endless. Most importantly, London is probably the best point to travel Europe from. Catching cheap £50 return flights on the weekends was probably one of the highlights of the exchange. A short 2-hour flight and you find yourself in a whole new country, learning a new language and culture...it's amazing. Also, the never-ending amount of plays, ballets and musicals to watch if you ever get bored.


Live on campus. I enjoyed walking 5 mins to Uni everyday haha. It really doesn't matter, just keep within zone 1/2 as they are very well connected via public transport and commuting isn't much of a chore.


I lived in Princes Gardens which was probably as pricey as it gets. rent was approximately 900 pounds a month and 500 pounds was a good estimate for all other expenses. Things get progressively cheaper the further you are from Knightsbridge/South Ken area.

Professional development and employability

Among the innumerable amount of ways this programme has benefited me, the most important one is the ability to appreciate different people and their cultures. Engineering is a profession where interaction between people is a must and the cultural diversity afforded in London is second to none.


The highlight of my trip was probably the travelling and collecting passport stamps from all over. I managed to cover Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, France, Spain and Ireland. Especially with the ex-Yukoslovakian States, it was interesting to hear different accounts of the Balkan wars from the people in each country.

Top tips

Just do it. The paperwork is a pain to do but it is so worth it. Also, start getting a part-time job and earn up some cash before you go because you will definitely need it.

Ryan - Imperial College London