Greta - Trinity College Dublin

B Psychological Science
Semester 1, 2015

Academic experience

I undertook 4 modules at Trinity to complete the general elective component of my degree. I studied 2 social work and 2 sociology modules. I found all 4 modules very interesting as I had 3 extremely interesting and hands-on lecturers. I found the content for the modules comparable in difficulty to my subjects at UQ.
The most challenging components of the system were that each of my modules only had 1 piece of assessment worth 100%. This was a challenge as I was used to the continuous assessment approach employed by UQ. I, therefore, made sure I really applied myself to each piece of assessment.

Personal experience

The friendships I made on exchange were the most rewarding part of my experience. My experience really taught me that people are the most important thing in your life and that you can be anywhere in the world and feel at home with the right people.
I met so many incredible people throughout my time at Trinity and whilst travelling. But most importantly I formed 5 friendships that I know will last forever. I truly did meet my best friends and soulmates on the other side of the world.


I was fortunate to live on campus in Goldsmith Hall. The accommodation itself was nothing special but the location was absolutely wonderful. I was living just off the main street of Dublin which meant everything was at my fingertips. I also had 2 wonderful friends living downstairs and in another building across the road.
Unfortunately my house mates were scholars and kept to themselves but it did not matter because I spent a lot of my time at other friends’ places instead. I would absolutely encourage students going to Trinity to apply for on campus accommodation as their first preference over Trinity Hall or Marino Accommodation, but still apply for the others as on campus accommodation at Trinity can be difficult to get.


I found expenses to be fairly comparable to Brisbane when you applied the exchange rate. Accommodation in Dublin is extremely expensive but general living was similar in price.
Dublin in a very walkable city and with my location I did not catch any public transport. I budgeted around 150eu a week and could live very comfortably on that amount when in Dublin.

Professional development and employability

My time on exchange has really inspired me to be more aware of global issues, politics and events. I did not realize how isolated we are in Australia. I met so many educated and informed people from around the world who had an incredible understanding of global issues. This really encouraged me to expand my knowledge outside of Australian issues.


The single highlight of my experience was the incredible friendships I formed during my time. I have made friends for life across the world.

Top tips

  • It is so important to say YES and get involved in student life at your exchange university. No matter how exhausted or cold you are, if someone asks you to go for a coffee, say YES.
  • Don't be afraid to ask other people to hang out also, everyone is scared and feeling awkward.
  • Join a society or club!
  • I met my closest friends in the netball society and it changed my entire exchange experience.
Greta - Trinity College Dublin