Rebekah - Nowegian School of Economics (NHH)

M Business (Sustainability)
Semester 1, 2016

Academic experience

I studied subjects from the 'energy profile' whilst studying at NHH. The subjects were very interesting, a little more technical than what I have done before but I enjoyed learning something different while not stressing about what grades I would get. I didn't have a thorough economics background before going to NHH so I struggled with some of the more advanced equations etc but again, it was good to learn something new.

Personal experience

I made many friends from all around the world. Being in Europe you can get on a plane and in an hour experience a completely different culture. I did a lot of travelling while on Exchange and gained a great insight into the European way of life. I also learnt that what Norwegians call a 'Sunday walk' is actually a 3-hour hike up the mountains...


I lived in the student dorms next to campus, it was great because you got your own room and bathroom. You shared a kitchen with only 7 other people and the kitchens are well stocked. My advice for students going to NHH is to ask for a sea-view room. I looked out of my window every day and never got sick of the view.


Norway is as expensive if not more expensive than Australia. Make sure you have considerable savings before you go. I would recommend a Budget of no less than $10,000 for travel and living expenses.

Professional development and employability

Due to the more technical way of teaching, I have gained a more thorough knowledge of explaining things like energy costs and economic situations in terms of numbers rather than words.


The highlight of my experience in Norway was travelling up the Arctic circle and participating in activities like dog sledding, snowmobile riding, seeing the Northern Lights and reindeer sledding.

Top tips

Take every opportunity that comes your way, we have our whole lives to make money and be responsible.

Rebekah - Nowegian School of Economics (NHH)